T's birth story

It all happened so fast in the end...
Wow, was that a ride! I figure I should post the birth story now before I start to forget things...

I went to the doctor on Wed January 20th and was STILL at 1cm and had been there for about four weeks. So the plan to induce on the 24th didn't change any. Although the doctor touched slightly on the possibility of a c-section due to her size (did NOT want to even think about this even though I was scared to death of birthing a 9lb 3oz baby). So, of course I was still disappointed but still hopeful.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 (Aunt Jeana's b'day and now Teagan's b'day!!)

First REAL contraction...sucked it up and breathed through it...had a few more the rest of the morning but I didn't really think anything about it seeing as an induction was coming.

9am- 6pm
I started having contractions more frequently but again, I thought nothing of them. I realized they were real and so I did start timing them. I walked around and got on my yoga/birthing ball and fixed some coffee (decaff) and watched "You've Got Mail". During this time I was just breathing through them and then getting a break in between so it really wasn't that bad. Plus, I was at 1cm the Wed before so there was no way I was in labor...or so I thought. I got hungry and so I drove to McDonalds to get lunch (my aim was for Chick-fila but I had a contraction around the distance of McDonalds so I stopped there, had a contraction and ordered my food). Eventually the pain increased and I resumed what Josh and I have labeled the "froggy labor position". I literally looked like a frog on the ground while I was breathing through the contractions. Around 3:00pm I told Josh it might be a good idea to call the doctor because he was timing my contractions at around 50 seconds ever 4 or so minutes. I call the doc and he told me to come in when I wanted but if I wanted to do it natural like we had talked about then I should stay at home until I couldn't take it anymore. Well, I made it about 3 more hours...I showered and Josh went to get gas and when he came back it was definitely time to go. Let me just tell you, by this time I was in "cave woman" mode breathing through the contractions and I probably scared some neighborhood kids.

We get to the hospital and it was kinda dark and Josh and I got a little turned around...not the best thing to have happen to you when you're in labor and in pain. So, finally we saw some nurses (thank the LORD for shift change!!) going into the hospital so we stopped and pulled over and we asked where to go (of course this is during a contraction) and she was like "Are you in labor?! Pull over to the Emergency room door and dad, park the car there and get the stuff and I'll take her up" (Luckily she happened to be a nursery nurse!) So here I am breathing through contractions with a complete stranger being wheeled up to the 8th floor...we had to pass a lot of people and go through a lot of halls...needless to say I was getting some looks! Finally we made it to the 8th floor and I had to sign some kind of form (yeah, definitely don't remember what it was) and they took me to a room. I got to the room and my labor and delivery nurse checked me and I was 7cm dialated! I was estatic!! This was it! We were going to have our baby girl! Then about 3 minutes later Dr. James comes in (LOVE him by the way) and said "Rici, we need to talk"...my heart sank. He told me after he checked me that there was no way she was going to fit through...I looked at him in disbelief and said "but I made it to 7cm and there are only 3 left"...He said he knew and he was really impressed and proud of me, especially since it was my first baby but that it would tear up my insides and possibly hurt her if we went through with a natural labor. That was all he had to say. There was no way I was going to put her in any danger at all. Josh came in with our stuff and Dr. James explained things to him. I looked at Dr. James and asked if this meant I had to have an epidural and he said yes. My eyes got as big as a baseball (even though I knew that already) because this is what I was most scared of was the epidural...too many horror stories. Well, ladies, let me just tell you that I had and AMAZING experience with the epidural. The anesthesiologist
was wonderful and I didn't feel a thing! I told her how scared I was about getting it and she talked to be the whole time explaining what was going on. I was thankful for that. (Oh, and DURING the time I was getting the epidural we decided the name finally...haha!) I was supposed to be in line 3rd for the c-section and so my nurse started prepping me and Josh texted my parents and his letting them know they should head to the hospital...Then a nurse came in and asked if I was ready to meet my baby because I was next. I was still in shock at how fast it was all happening. We had gotten there at 6:30 and it was around 7:30 and I was being rolled out to the OR. Josh got on his "I'm the Daddy" shirt and scrubbed up and we headed into the room. At this point I could not feel ANYTHING from my chest down. That was the weirdest sensation ever. I kept touching my stomach because I could feel my fingers touching my stomach but my stomach couldn't feel my fingers yet I was completely alert! The c-section was not bad at all! I actually had a good time! haha! With Josh at my head I was at complete ease and was joking around with Dr. James and the rest of the staff. They were amazing! I looked at Josh and laughed that wow, she's going to be born on her Aunt Jeana's b'day! How crazy!! Then, at 8:12pm, Dr. James lifted her over that blue curtain and I fell in love for the second time in my life! She was beautiful! They took her to clean her up and let Josh come over there and then I heard the most amazing sound in the world...her first cry. I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the LORD she was okay and that she was really here! (Even as I look at her sleeping beside me now I can't believe she's actually here). They got her all wrapped up and gave her to Josh who brought her over to me to show me...I kept saying I wanted to hold her and so Dr. James needed to hurry (that got a laugh and he told me he was going as fast as he could). They let Josh take her to our recovery room and they stuffed me back together and stapled me all back together then wheeled me to the recovery room where I got to hold my sweet baby Teagan for the first time (definitely tearing up at typing that). She was perfect! I was in complete amazement of her and how perfect she really was. Josh kissed me on the head and just smiled at me as I gazed at her with a love that I'll never be able to describe. After a few hours in the recovery room we were able to bring back family so Mamaw (my Mamaw, not Teagan's) came in first to see her and she was just oooing and ahhhing over her great-granddaughter. Then came the moms....tears anyone? lol, it was precious. Then the dads...they were hilarious but you could tell by the look on both of their faces that they instantly fell in love with their new granddaughter. Our labor and delivery nurse Frances told my daddy that Teagan looked just like him (try living with him now...haha!) and of course daddy floated to cloud 9 after that comment. Then after having some rather embarrassing pictures taken by my daddy of me and Teagan we were left alone to relax for a little while. I was finally able to nurse and then we headed to our room.

The hospital stay wasn't so bad. I actually recovered quick and we got to come home a day earlier then we really should have but we were all doing good.