Friday, March 26, 2010

Thankful Friday

I've decided to turn over a new leaf. Here lately I've been focusing on all the things I can't do, we can't do or we don't have. I'm going to start focusing on what I do have.
Going back to work has been really hard on me but I'm deciding to look at it from a different perspective. I got 2 more weeks with Teagan then I would have because of the c-section. My mom is able and willing to keep her until she reaches 3 months which means I can still nurse her during the day at lunch. She will be going to a 5 star daycare that is right down the road from me. She will be learning social skills and be in a Christian-based environment.
I've been wanting our house done. I want the walls painted, I want different furniture, I want this and I want that. Lately, I've wanted it all done and done now. I'm looking at it now as we're taking our time and when we finally do get everything done it will be exactly the way we want it and with quality materials not just any old stuff. Josh has expanded the closet in the kitchen for a ton of more storage (I love my handyman husband!) and is starting the process of putting in a built-in bookshelf in the guest room. We are currently waiting to hear from an interior decorater friend of ours to figure out how we can refigure the living room because it's awkwardly long with a lot of windows and only two decent sized "wall spaces". My husband and his dad built our TV stand, our dining room table, our bed, our night stands, Teagan's crib and Teagan's dresser/changing table. We've got a list of "to-dos" and we're tackling them one by one. I know they will get done and I will eventually love my house I just need to have patience.

I have to remind myself everyday that I am truly blessed. I need to stop focusing on what I don't have and focus on what I do have. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful and amazing baby girl, a wonderful family and great friends. I also have a house, a job, a car and can buy groceries. I work with people everyday who can't say they have half of those things.

So, from here on out I will be thankful.

Psalm 69:30 "I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 months old!

Wow, where has the time gone? Our little girl was 2 months old yesterday. She has changed so much in a month!

*Height- 22 inches (50th percentile) Weight: 11.8lbs (75th percentile)*

*had her 2 month shots and took them like a champ!*

*still in diaper size 1 but I'm sure it won't be for much longer. I think this is because she is growing more up then out...hopefully this will keep up and she'll get her height from her daddy's side of the family!!*

*when she is in a "good mood" she will talk, talk, talk! you can hold an actual conversation with her*

*has started staying awake more in the car*

*she is very alert in the mornings and when Josh and I go in to wake her up and tell her good morning she smiles really big*

*has rolled over a few times from tummy to back*

*loves taking a bath. she has started learning that kicking in the bathtub makes water splash around and she thinks its a hoot. she also loves watching herself in the mirror when she is taking a bath. doesn't cry anymore when coming out of the bathtub and into the towel*

*sits in the bumbo like a champ! would rather be in the bumbo then have tummy time but still has at least 10 minutes of tummy time a day*

*has gotten really good at putting herself to sleep at night. we've started the official routine. we head upstairs at 8:00, Josh changes her diaper and her PJs and then passes her to me to eat. after she eats I swaddle her, rock her about 2-3 minutes and put her in her crib with her binkie and usually within 10-15 minutes she is asleep*

*lays on the bed in her boppy while I get ready for work and sings along with me and the radio! haha*

*finally has an interest in "batting" at things when she is laying on her back on her playtime mat*

*loves having "staring contests" and usually wins*

*goes for her first round of shots on the 25th...*

*loves the Baby Bjorn. she has almost gotten to the point we can turn her facing out*

*loves to shop! is such a good girl every time we go shopping!*

*saw her first "real baby" up close the other day and loved looking at her (Aezley,her cousin)

*is doing really well staying with my mom while I'm at work. I go to feed her at lunch and then around 3:30 she is taking a bottle from Mamaw and sucking it dry! haha*

There is so much I'm sure I'm missing but for the most part those are the most recent developments this month! I will post her 2 month pictures later!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

First day back at work...

Well, it's my first day back at work and it has been pretty awful. I am literally counting down the minutes until I can go pick up Teagan at my mom's...38 minutes...
On the drive this morning to Lincolnton I made it to Clark's Creek Rd without crying...I don't think it really hit me until then and then when I turned onto Startown I drove I know 35 all the way down the road until I had to turn off. Luckily, there was nobody behind me. It was really surreal. I figured the best way to do it was like taking a band-aid off, quickly and it hurts less (NOT)...just drop her off, tell Mom the specifics, kiss her goodbye and leave. I did that and as soon as I backed out of the driveway I got sick to my stomach. Guilt just flooded my whole body. What if she forgets me? What if she likes my mom more then me? What if I miss something? What if..What if...What if...? It was awful. I thought I would be a little better then this but it was even more difficult then I imagined. When I got to work and looked at the clock immediately and figured out how many hours and minutes and began trying to pre-occupy myself. I checked my work messages (27...and mostly just from 5 people) and returned calls, pumped, checked facebook, tried to work on the calendar for April and by then it was time to go see my baby girl! That was only about a 3 hour time span so it was like she was taking a nap and I was doing housework...When I got to Mom's luckily she was awake and so I cuddled her and fed her and didn't let her out of my arms the entire time. When it came time to leave I kissed her goodbye and just left like I did this wasn't any easier the 2nd time around. Luckily, I had more distractions the second half...the neighborhood kids came over and had to catch me up on all the latest gossip and so did one or two of the neighborhood ladies. So, that killed about 2 hours and how I have 33 more minutes until it's time to leave.
I can't wait to see my baby girl...this is going to be so hard...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day!

We had a great St. Patrick's Day! Teagan slept like a champ last night and got up in a fantastic mood this morning! She was in such a good mood that I called Josh at work so she could tell him good morning! It was the cutest thing ever! After she got off the phone with her daddy she called her Papaw and boy did that make his day! After she got finished chit chatting with two of her favorite men she took a bath and boy was it hilarious! She loves to splash her legs around now and she makes a complete mess and soaks everything but I love it and so I let her!
We watched Mama Mia today (well, I watched and she listened...she's not allowed to watch TV yet). There is a part in the movie where the mom is singing about/to the daughter about missing things, etc. I started crying and rocking Teagan thinking about how much I'm going to miss having to put her in daycare...needless to say my emotions are kind of crazy when it comes to that right now.
Anyway, she slept on and off through the day and then around 3ish she decided she wanted to play. She started talking up a storm and batting at her little play mat toys! It was the cutest thing ever! I recorded video of her talking and playing but it's a really big file and I've got to figure out how to get it posted because it's too cute not to share! After Josh got home I was able to do the SHRED and then I got to run a little over a mile about 30 minutes after the SHRED. It felt so good! We have started bedtime at 8:00 now since we'll have to get up earlier starting next week (Boo work). She's doing pretty well with it. Last night she slept 6 hours, ate and took about 15 minutes to go back to sleep, then slept 3 more hours, ate and then went back to sleep for about an hour. It was great! I think that is why I had so much energy to do two workouts today!
Anyway, she's sleeping now and so I think I'm going to take advantage of it and head to bed myself! Tomorrow we're going to eat lunch with Josh one last time before I go back to work.

Growing up so fast...

Our little girl will be 2 months old next Tuesday...I can't believe it. Already she is holding her head up, sitting in the Bumbo seat and ROLLING OVER. Now she doesn't roll over all the time (thankfully I don't have to be worried at night just yet) but she can do it. She was having tummy time yesterday after her bath and rolled from her front to her back. She has done this before but only when she was kind of upset and pretty much over tummy time. This is the first time she rolled over in a good mood. I also weighed her yesterday morning and she weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs and was measuring at 22 inches!! I measured her last week and she was still at 19-20 inches! It's crazy how fast she's going...I think we're going to have to put her in size 2 diapers

Just wanted to share the roll over pictures...I'll do the monthly update next week but here are some pictures to tide you over!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So since being cleared for exercise last week I've been debating how to lose the rest of the baby weight and most importantly tone up! I'll start running again once the weather gets consistently better and warmer. Teagan and I walk around the neighborhood when the weather is nice enough but it's not a consistent exercise from day to day so I can't count on it. I would re-start my P90X but I need to build my stamina back up a little bit before I take on that task...hopefully in a month or two. So, I've decided to start the infamous Jillian Michaels 30 day SHRED. I started the SHRED last night and it actually wasn't that bad. It was a really great workout though and I can see it providing results fairly quickly. I'm going to track my progress on here because if I don't have a way to hold myself accountable I'm more likely to slack.

Starting weight: 145
Goal weight: 125

Goals: To tone up and slim down. Vague at this point but I haven't figured out how exactly pregnancy moved stuff around just yet and until I figure out this new body I can't really have more specific goals. I just want to rebuild my stamina and tone up certain areas. I want to be healthy and stay healthy for my family.

Day 1: Worked out with the video for the first time.

Day 2: 3/11/10
Breakfast: 2 servings oatmeal (this is where I incorporate the "extra" calories I'm supposed to have while breastfeeding) and 1 cup 2% milk.

Snack: medium orange

Lunch: Homemade pizza on whole wheat soft tortilla with cheese and pepperoni, water.

Dinner: TBD (to be determined)

Workout: SHRED level 1

Okay, enough about me. Teagan is doing excellent! We had a few nights of 6 straight hours of sleep! We're back to around 4ish but I think that is because she and I were out a lot the last few days and she slept a lot in the car and in the stroller. We haven't been anywhere today and so hopefully tonight will be another 6 straight hours. We'll see! Either way the Lord is blessing me with the ability to function no matter how much or how little sleep I get!

Teagan is growing like a little weed! I haven't weighed her this week but I'm going to weigh and measure her on Saturday...she'll be 7 weeks old on Saturday! Time is really flying by too quickly. Next week is my last wee at home with her but I'm pretty much in denial. I have a feeling that when it really hits me that I won't be at home with her and be with her 24/7 it's going to hit me really hard. I'm not excited about that and I'm sure my poor hubby isn't excited about the flood of emotions that are going to come out of me either!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You know you're a mommy when...

I definitely had a "you know you're a mommy when" moment...This morning around 2:30 Teagan woke up (after 4 1/2 hours!! yay) and she was hungry. I always change her before she eats to avoid a blowout. Well, this morning she wasn't finished before I changed her diaper and went all over the changing pad. No biggie, I cleaned her up and changed her onesie. Well, I went to put the next diaper on and she pooped! All over my hand!! Did I freak? Nope! I wiped my hand, wiped her down again, changed her again and then hand sanitized my hand and we sat down to feed. I swear I'm going to come up with a better changing pad...

So, my "you know you're a mommy when" of the day get pooped on by your child at 2:30 in the morning and you still love them...that is unconditionally love!
Just thought I'd share the funny story.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Computer cord back!

I've been slacking because my charging cord for my laptop bit the dust. I could have used Josh's desktop but it's easier to type with Teagan laying on my chest then having her in one arm or the other. So, Josh ordered me a new one and here we are!

Not much has really happened since her one month post. I turned 26 (my most favorite number!) and in some regards it was the best birthday of my life even though it was one of the most "uneventful" (not saying this in a bad way, I had a great birthday). We just took it easy around here. My sweet husband brought me dinner and a movie and we just snuggled on the couch and enjoyed each other and our little girl. Motherhood has already started changing me. I didn't want to go out for my birthday, I was happiest at home snuggling with the two loves of my life. Nothing else seemed to matter. Honestly, I had forgotten that it was my birthday but remembered it was my mom's birthday...we have the same birthday so that should tell you how little sleep I got last week.
Then on Saturday we went to Lincolnton to visit Josh's parents and then Josh's grandmother. Then at 4 o'clock we had a surprise party for Moma (and a party for me). Aunt Ann, Uncle Buddy, Kellie and Darleen all got to see and hold Teagan for the first time (those pictures are on my Mom's camera). It was great. Teagan was such a good girl the whole time!

On Sunday we got up and went to IHOP for breakfast and then went to WalMart and Lowes. Also, Aunt Jeana and Uncle Seth came to visit! Teagan talked to Miles quite a bit while they were here! ;-)

And on Monday I picked up my mom and headed to Hickory to shop, shop, shop! Then after we dropped my mom off we headed to First Baptist to finish the registration process for daycare (I don't even want to address this right now because I can't without getting upset) and then we went and saw "Auntie Jan" before heading home. So, three full days for Teagan and Mommy but she slept pretty good so I'm not complaining!

We had decided to start a bedtime routine starting with a bath at 9 o'clock and then a feeding and then easing into bedtime by around 10:30-11ish. Well, we learned how the word routine isn't going to show up in Teagan's vocabulary for at least another week or two. She was okay with it for the first few nights and then she started being more awake after the bath instead of it calming her down. So, more then likely bath time will be around 7ish and we'll figure out something else to do for an actual "okay this signals sleepy time" routine.

Teagan has started "talking" a little more everyday. She hasn't had her first "social smile" (I don't think) but in the mornings and a few other times during the day she will talk to me and coo and make happy "ahhh" sounds. It's adorable and I love that time! She has started wanting her binkie a little more when she's awake now and she loves her vibrating/bouncy chair and that is usually where she takes her naps (unless she's on my chest) and that lets me get some things done around the house and cook dinner. She is still kind of ify about being put down while she is awake but she is typically okay in the vibrating/bouncy chair.