Wednesday, July 6, 2011

25 weeks and a vomiting of emotional distress.

I have been beyond slacking in the weekly pregnancy posts but honestly I don't have nearly the time I had when I was pregnant with Teagan to post pictures or even type up how I'm feeling.  So, alas, 8 weeks after my last update here is another.

Clothing: I have 1 pair of maternity shorts and 3 pair of maternity pants that will more then likely last me until October.  The shirts are becoming a little more problematic because of certain areas other then my belly.  I have been wearing more dresses lately, none of them maternity.  I am trying hard to use what I have because this is the last time I will need maternity clothes so I don't want to buy anymore then I have to!

Sleep:  Unless we are camping on hard ground I usually manage about 6-7 hours total.  Now, this sleep is not undisturbed and peacful.  My hips ache a lot and so I do a lot of switching sides.  I am thankful that all the night bathroom trips haven't started yet!

Mood- I have my days.  Most days I am just fine and normal.  Once in a while a dark cloud will start to loom and I will stub my toe while trying to run for cover.  Those are not good days.  I get short-tempered and want to be but don't want to be around people.  I don't like the dark loomy cloud and wish it would go away but I really don't think it will ever leave me forever.  So I will deal and pray hard for guidance when I need to keep it in check. 

Cravings- Still not much of anything.  Most of the time it's still mind over matter with the occasional indulgence of a few oreos.  Oh! And watermelon!!

Exercise: I have been a lazy bum.  This heat is zapping me of any leftover energy I might have had at the end of a normal decent temperature day.  I loaned out my pre-natal yoga dvd and not really sure who to.  I think I need to just order a new one.  Yoga seemed to help a lot last time with the laboring part (before the emergency c-section) and I am hoping it will help all the way through this time.  Not to self: ORDER NEW DVD

Overall this pregnancy has been as easy as my pregnancy with Teagan.  My weight is better and they are estimating around 30 lbs of weight gain.  A far cry from the 50-55lbs I gained with Teagan!  I am still concerned about the gestational diabetes.  I go for my appointment on July 18th and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for it.  I think the gestational diabetes is inevitable.  It's really going to be tough this time though.  I was on a strict regiment last time that will be hard for me to replicate.  I will do my best and that is all I can do.     

I still feel like this pregnancy is a blur.  We are coming on to 14 and a half weeks left until Baby Bear's debut day.  We are not even close to being ready.  The nursery isn't cleaned out.  Colors haven't really been decided.  Furniture was put on hold because some people are mean, dishonest and suck.  The only thing I have is the crib blanket and 2 packs of newborn diapers.  I know we have some "stuff" from Teagan because we didn't go all girly on the big stuff but I still feel like we have nothing.  I haven't bought clothes, no socks, no shoes, no hats, no washcloths, no ANYTHING.  I do think part of it is because we didn't find out what gender Baby Bear is.  I was excited about the surprise aspect of it but "gender-neutral" is HARD.  I feel so unprepared.  It feels like I am standing in a sudden down pour with no umbrella and nowhere to go for cover.  It's coming and I'm not ready. 

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