Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

I don't remember my Papaw except for the last few months he was alive.  He was very sick after the cancer took over.  Even at 7 I could tell how much pain he was in.  It was heartbreaking, even to a 7 year old, to see somebody in that much pain.  Especially when it's somebody you love.  I remember the day he passed on.  My mom and my aunt sent my cousin and I off with our other set of cousins and we went on an adventure.  We went down to this river/creek where we got to climb over rocks and soak each other with splashes.  We came back from a fun, sun-soaked day to sadness and tears.  Everything I've heard, from anybody, has been amazing about my Papaw.  He was a preacher, a God-fearing man.  He had impecable ethics and I can only imagine what I would have learned from him growing up.  I do get sad when I think about what all these years might have been like with him.
I do appreciate the perspective it brings me when looking at Teagan and my dad's relationship.  It's made me even more grateful for my dad and his already great relationship with Teagan.  You see, I'm blessed with a God-fearing man for a father and so Teagan inherits him as a Papaw.  There lies the blessing.  I am excited to see what she will learn from him and how she will grow.