Thursday, June 30, 2011


Conviction is a strong word.  And it should be.  Lately my heart has been convicted for myself and for my daughter.  We have been blessed to find an amazing church home.  This church home has provided many shining examples of Godly women for me to look to as examples and I am so grateful for that.  This being said I have felt such a conviction to become one of those women for other women including my daughter.  I want to be an example for her.  I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman. 
Recent sermons at church have been covering knowing and studying and yearning for knowledge of our Creator.  How can you worship something you know nothing about?  The fact that we can read the Bible with no repercussions should humble all of us believers.  We should be pressing and pouring into it.
It´s time I started taking that conviction and doing something about it. 
I have a lot of devotionals and I have a lot of Bibles (another humbling statement) but I do have a current favorite.  It´s the 1 Year Book of Devotions for Women.  It is a short & encouraging but full devotion every day with a section of the Bible to read on your own.  This has helped me delve back into my Bible reading and keeps me focused without leaving me overwhelmed. 

I want to be an example for Teagan in regards to my walk with the Lord and the way I pour into his Word.  I want her normal to be Mommy reading her Bible or praying and talking to God on a regular basis.  When she develops a little more of an attention span I want to do devotions with her.  I want us to be able to have quite time together.  I want her to realize that talking to God is something we are blessed with and do not have to hide.  Right now she just kind of stares at us or lays her head on my shoulders when we say ¨night-night¨ prayers but she knows we pray every night before we go to bed.  I can´t wait for the day we hear Teagan say her own night-night prayers. That will be a great day.  Until then, I will continue to prepare my own heart for that time.