Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have always had an extremely vivid imagination.  It takes the smallest creek of the stairs for me to create a sleepless night for myself.  The pregnancy hormones have made this worse.  Here lately I've been having dreams/thoughts while driving about being stuck in a car filling up with water.  This is most unrealistic because Teagan and I drive over maybe 2 bridges every day.  I've never had a drowning incident or instance where I feel physically trapped. 
I try and think through the scenario before it could possibly happen.  What would I do now that I'm pregnant? Before I was pregnant I could have squeezed over from the front to the back seats even with Teagan's car seat.  Now I think I would unbuckle her over the seat and bring her to the front with me.  I would have to think about getting the car window down before the car shut off.  From what I have read I would have 3 minutes to do this before the car shuts down after being submerged into the water.  If I didn't happen to get the window down then I would have to find something hard to break the window with.  There are certain "breaking points" best to hit when doing this.  I looked those up too (see the links below).  They also have a tool that you can buy, called a center punch, that will easily break the window...stocking stuffer, perhaps? That would make life a lot easier if I couldn't get the window down.  Although, with as much stuff as I keep in my pocket book and the car itself I'm sure I've got something I could use.  Another thought is how will I make sure Teagan can still breath on the way up?  I've thought about putting a cup around her mouth (I almost always have a cup in the car) but that is about the extent of my solution for that.  I'll have to look that one up a little more. 
Yes, this is just me being paranoid but I'm sure somebody else has thought about this at one point or time.  So, I thought I would share my fear and share the information I've found with you guys as well.  I hope none of us ever have to use it! Oh, my!

How to escape from a sinking car.
When your car goes under water.

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