Who am I?

Rici. Pronounced Ricky. "Ri" from my dad, Ric. "Ci" from my mom, Cindy. Only child. Air Force Brat. Believer. Saved by Grace; over and over again. Runner. Marathoner in training. SMA fighter. MSW. LCSW-A. Blogger. Music Lover. Hugger (you've been warned). Crier. Reader. Bones lover. NCIS watcher. Beach lover. Wannabe nature lover (trying really hard).  
Married to husband Josh. Believer. Draftsman. Handyman. Furniture builder. Farm boy. Tall. Amazing Daddy. Hard worker. Handsome. Love the scruff, not so much the beard.
Mommy to Teagan, our big-little girl. Fashionista. Sassy. Emotional. Can't get her out of dresses. Bookworm. Mama made over.
Mommy to Kyra, our little-little girl. Independent. Hard-headed. Sweet. Loving. Baby-doll cuddler.  Tall like Daddy.  Bookworm.  Daddy made over.