Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The not resolution.

Resolutions are just not my thing. They never have been and it's likely that they never will be. However, one thing I want to work on is self-care. Not just for myself but for others. Some of my current self-care favorites. 

Pampering with some of my best gals. Yes, we were desperate enough the other night for some girl time and pampering that we had on flip flops in 30 degree weather. Oh well, it was super worth it! 

Yoga. Yoga. Yoga. This is not limited to any particular kind. This does however include Holy Yoga as often as possible. The "regular" yoga, I make sure kicks my butt and clears my mind. Holy Yoga fills my spirit. I try to focus on prayer and scripture when I'm participating in Holy Yoga. My favorite yoga studio in my area is owned by my dear friend, Jessica, and you can check Simply Yoga Belmont out here

I have always wanted to try Birchbox but I never did because I'm just not a girly girl. My amazing sister (in-law) gifted me three months for Christmas and it was one of my favorite gifts. I love getting a surprise package in the mail every month full of girly goodies in a colorful and beautiful box. This might be something I continue indulging in! I even put on eye liner y'all! 

Hot tea with Apple Cider Vinegar and Thieves essential oil. I blame my sweet friend Alexas for the ACV love. Then I blame my friend Jessica (from above) for the Thieves love. I have started drinking hot lemon zinger or orange tea with honey and ACV and at least half the time thieves. I drink this almost nightly. This is my night time pre-bed snack and I've become addicted. There are so many amazing properties to ACV and local honey and Thieves (or any essential oils). I think I might pick my friends brains soon and do a post on helpful ways to start incorporating these things into the every day. 

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Time after time.

So many times over the last few months I have thought about a blog post. So many times I've had a thought come flooding through my head in the middle of the night only to find myself giving in to sleep, or the wishful thinking of such an act. So many times I have been having a time with one of the girls and I think to myself about how if I would type it up that it could potentially help another mom realize they weren't alone in the confusion and chaos. So many times I've felt strong or weak or pretty or not so lovely that I felt the need to write. There have been adventures and parties and service opportunities that I'd thought would be nice to share but they never did. There have been new words, new dances, and new yoga poses that I felt were worth sharing but didn't.
Over the last few months I've been working on life. Actually living it. I got sucked so deep into the world of online that it was taking over. I pulled back from the life I was living online and threw myself back into reality. Want to know something? I didn't grow an extra appendage nor did I have one retract! I've actually lived life again. I'm not watching the world through my fingers. I'm not seeking out things to do with my family just so I can blog about it or announce it to the world.
That being said, I'm baby stepping back into the online world. Back into letting my fingers dance on the keyboard once again. I've missed it. I've also realized I have to tread carefully or risk being drawn in again. So, here we go 2015. Lets live this.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The things she says...

Mommy, God controls everything, right? -Teagan
Yes, He does, T. -Me
And He knows everything, right? - Teagan
Yes, Teagan, He does. -Me
So, I guess He knows when its best for us to go to bed because He turns off the sun, huh? -Teagan

I love the mind of my almost 5 year old. Oh Teagan...sweet sweet Teagan. To think so concretely about our God. How the hustle and bustle and chaos of life just gets in the way. Can you imagine the simplicity of just believing? Without putting in our own preference to what it "should be" and engaging in the opinions of the world? How I often long for that innocence and just matter of factness. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Funny thing, weather.

Y'all, I have not blogged since July. Life happened. Full time job happened. One late night a week happened. A new deck happened. More time with my family happened.

It was needed time away. Needed time to put my priorities back in order. It was time to live my life, our lives, for real instead of at the need for a blog post.

There is something about fall that makes me want to do all the things. Like eat three apples a day, run and run and run, drink too much coffee, snuggle my girls while wrapped under a blanket reading a book, kiss my sweet husband a little longer, sleep with the windows up, and campout in the backyard (or somewhere else).

Fall is my favorite. It's just begun. I just wish it would linger as long as possible.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warm rains in NC.

Rainy storm-less days are few and far between when you live in North Carolina. Most of the time the rain is accompanied with thunder and lightning. When we get the treat of having just a warm summer rain we try to make sure we take advantage of it. 

Teagan is our little dancer; she loves everything about dance and movement of her body. However, you have to catch her on a day where her shyness has momentarily left the building or when she doesn't know you're watching her.  I love to catch her when she thinks nobody is watching because there is something so innocent and precious about the rawness and the vulnerability and the freedom. 

Kyra Mae is our fearless snuggler. She continues to test her independence as long as Josh or I are in her direct line of sight. She is also trying to figure out who she is apart from Teagan while wanting to be like Teagan. It's so funny how early it happens. It's in subtle ways but it's happening and it has been interesting to watch how she maneuvers through her latest challenge.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kyra Mae

Y'all, can you believe this girl? I can't even get over her sometimes. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mothers Day.

Mothers Day 2014. 

These are the women of my family. Each of us are stubborn and bull-headed. Sometimes we are stubborn and bull-headed towards each other. However, we are family and we are fiercely devoted to one another. I am thankful for the way God has made us incredibly different but I am more thankful for the ways He has made our hearts so similar. From our hearts to yours.