Sunday, February 9, 2014

I don't want to know Jesus. Ever.

I can imagine your reaction right now. Perhaps your eyebrow raised (my right one goes up) or your head is tilted or you leaned into the computer screen or your phone with your brow furrowed to make sure you read the title of the post correctly. Just give me a minute to explain though because after you finish reading you might just agree with me.
We are going through the book of Mark; specifically this morning we went through Mark 6. This morning Mark 6:1-6 jumped out off the page and did a little dance on my heart. This is a passage that talks about familiarity with Jesus. Like hometown, watched Him grow up and work hard with His earthly father as a carpenter across the street from your parent's bake shop familiar. Jesus went back there; to a place where everyone still saw that timid, well-behaved, listen to His parents, kid. They did not have the image of a man who calms a storm, heals the sick, and sends demons into a herd of pigs that then runs over a cliff and drowns. They are so familiar with Him that they couldn't come to terms with who He really was/is. They were so familiar with Him that they missed Him. Y'all he marveled at their unbelief. MARVELED. They scoffed at this Man; the one they had watched grow up who was now proclaiming to be the Messiah they'd been preparing for. The Messiah that had been proclaimed in Isaiah; He was there right in front of them. Yet He marveled because they did not believe Him to be who He said.
 I don't want to be those hometown people but too often I am. I grew up with Jesus everywhere; in my books, on my t-shirts, on my pencils and on my wrists. I got gold stars and awards at camp because I "memorized" the most Bible verses. I "knew" Jesus; He was familiar to me.
I don't want to know Him anymore. I want to learn Him, continuously. I don't want to be familiar with Jesus. Familiar in this particular context meaning complacent, meaning never seeking truth, meaning making my Jesus marvel.
I don't want Jesus to marvel at me in the way He did the people of His hometown. So, if it takes me not "knowing" my Jesus then so be it.

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