Friday, March 29, 2013

You're Doing OK, Mom! | JOHNSON'S® Baby Commercial

Thanks, Johnson's for putting this out there.  Sometimes us Mommy-types just need a little confirmation that what we are doing IS okay.  We ARE doing our best.  Our best IS good enough.  For those of you who haven't seen this, grab a wipe or tissue first.  No, really.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My sweet old-soul husband turns 30 today.  He hates attention but he married a woman who became a "mommy-blogger" so he knows it's coming.
I have known this sweet man since high school.  The first years of our getting to know each other would have given the Hurler a run for its money.  This includes the first year of marriage and the first years of child-raising.  But over the last two years our marriage has begun to turn into exactly what it's supposed to look like...well on it's way to the 60 or 70 years that it's supposed to be.  This sweet man has supported every whim I've chased after and held me when it came crashing down around me.  This sweet man has been there in the trenches while I was suffering with an eating disorder, major clinical depression, and life in general.  He has watched me grow and he has put me on his shoulders when I couldn't reach.  I have spent a lot of time on his shoulders.  He has allowed me to pursue my dreams, all while he sit on the back burner.  The latest one being graduate school.  He has worked with me.  Worked around me.  Worked in spite of me.  Things have gotten done and sometimes I'm not really sure how it happened.  His love for our children has grown and adapted over the last three years and most intensely over the last 16 months.  He loves our girls fiercely and I get such joy just sitting back and watching him interact with them so lovingly.  The man pushes strollers around willingly.  Enough said.  
I am so thankful for the man he is growing into.  His life ways are matching up with his old soul.  His curiosity is something I envy.  He is always learning something new, he's like a sponge.  I love this about him.  His walk with Jesus is getting stronger.  His willingness to lead our family in a Christ-like way grows every day.  I am most thankful for that. 
My sweet husband, here is to your 30 precious years of life and here is to 71 more (I want to live to be 100 so he has to live to be at least 101).  Forever and Always My Love.  Forever and Always.   

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where we've been

This has been what the last two days have looked like for us. Kyra has had a fever since sometime very early on Monday morning. We still aren't sure what it is.  She's getting two teeth and has a cold but really?  She's slept more the last few days then she did as a new baby. A doctor visit might be on the docket if this doesn't pass soon.

We went to the doctor.  When we got there her temperature was 103 even after Motrin.  They tested her for flu but thankfully it was just an ear infection, two canine teeth, and a TWO YEAR MOLAR.  Two year molars? Sweet baby isn't even 18 months yet!  Anyway, we could tell a difference in her mere hours after her first dose of medication.  Here's hoping that it clears up quickly and that it clears up all the way.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The things she says.

Teagan is BEYOND excited that her pen pal Eva will be here TOMORROW! (Can you tell I'm a bit excited that my sweet friend Nessa will BE HERE TOO!)
Anyway, I was telling Teagan the other day that she had three more wake ups until Eva would be here. This was her reply:

"When Eva Monster gets here she can ride my new bike and I will hold her up and push her feet!"

Super excited for our Ohio friends to come!! 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A day in the life.

When I started graduate school it became more economical for Josh to take the girls to daycare in the mornings.  His car gets like a thousand miles per tank vs. mine that does not.  My sweet husband works 45 minutes in one direction of our house and the girls go to daycare 30 minutes from our house (yes, there is a story there, later).  Our mornings start very early and we are normally up before the sun decides to even peek out from behind his cloud covers.

This is what a typical days looks like for us.

5:45am- I get one of the girls up while Josh gets ready and let the other sleep in.  I try to rotate who gets up first but I normally get Kyra up because I can dress her while she is still sleeping.  Then I get Teagan up, which is hit and miss.  She can wake up in the best mood ever or it can be like waking a sleeping bear.

6:00am- I load the girls in the car while Josh is getting his stuff together for work.
6:08am- They are pulling out, on a good day!

6:15am- Breakfast for me and quiet time.  Currently that consists of my She Reads Truth, Songs of Ascent.  I cherish that time in the morning.  I can tell a difference in my demeanor if I decide to sleep in instead of having my time in the Word.

7:00am- Shower and get ready for my internship
8:00am- leave for the hospital (I have to leave a little earlier if I want my Starbucks fix though)

4:30pm- pick up my sweet girls from daycare

5:45pm-start dinner, when it's pretty outside Josh will take the girls out while I fix dinner.  I'm okay with that, he doesn't get a lot of one on one time with his sweet babes.

6:45-7pm- bath, get ready for bed, brush teeth time

7:15-7:30- bedtime for the sweet girls.  Josh and I each put down one of the girls and the next night we switch.  We love having that alone time with our girls.

8:00-9:00 or 10:00pm- The girls are usually asleep by now, unless Kyra decides to put on a concert for her gorilla (Georgio) and her sock monkey. I usually work on school work or blog stuff.  Josh is looking up some random something on canoes and kayaks (which we are getting soon!!).  We also do turn on the TV at this time.  Josh and I usually get an hour or so of TV time at night but we multi-task while doing it.
10:00pm- our bed time, honestly, sometimes we are in bed by 9:30 because we are both dragging from getting up and going non-stop during our days.

This schedule has been hard on everybody but we are praying it will be worth it.  I have been so grateful that most mornings are not that bad and that it hasn't effected the girls behaviors too much.  Early mornings are hard enough for Josh and I, I can't imagine what it does to them.  Not too much longer though, not too much longer...

Linking up with Mabel Kate today! Be sure to go check out her sweet blog! She's a fellow "influencer"!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Not being a big fish.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when you are kind of a little fish in the big pond. It's easy to feel like you are being overshadowed. It is easy to have feelings of envy and of distain towards the bigger fish.
This has been something I have struggled with in the blogging world. I have bloggers who I truly admire, who I want to befriend and hug their necks. Sometimes those are the same bloggers I have to tune out from for a few days because I feel envy boiling up inside me.
I, more often than not, have the need for instant gratification. I want it now. I want hundreds I followers, I want people to want to place ads on my site, I want other bloggers to seek me out for mentorship. That may never happen. Am I okay with that? I'm getting there. I may not have been called to be a full time, consume more than a few hours of my week, blogger. I have been called to the social work field, I have been called to work with women who are suffering postpartum from a mental illness, I have been called to be a wife, to be a mother, to be a friend. I need to focus on these tasks at hand. There may be an opportunity for my blogging dreams to come true. Until that day I will choose to focus on my current callings and blogging will remain my outlet.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Operation defrump.

Here's some of my favorite defrump outfits as of late....

Boots- Walmart a few years ago
Leggings- these are actually my winter running leggings but with grad school these have been more fashion than function (they are Nike).
Sweater- Yellow Target brand (thrifted)
Headband-Made by Me! 

This was a self-care day.  I went to yoga, had coffee, and worked on my thesis.
Flippers- Rainbows
Windsuit pants-Reebok
Sweater- Target Brand

I got to run this day!
Sneaks- Aasics
Leggings- Reebok
Fleece- Target (this baby was $4.50!)
Infinity scarf- made by my dear friend Jeanmarie!

This is a favorite.  I thought I looked really cute this day! I had on my scarf and my brooch from Miskabelle!
Shoes-I THINK these are from JcPenny like 5 years ago but don't hold me to that!
Jeans- New York and Company
Shirt- Target
Cardigan- Target brand (thrifted) 

Shoes-same as above
Jeans- straight leg, New York and Company (these are my favorite jeans in the world)
Tank- Target brand (I got this as a bridal shower present almost 6 years ago. I have almost worn it out)
Shirt- Sonoma brand (thrifted)
Scarf- thrifted
Chevron rings- Target

I was feeling a wee bit sassy this day.
Boots- WalMart
Leggings- Nike
Tank- Target
Jean button up- thrifted
Scarf- my friend Jeanmarie

Spring got ahold of me the other day and just wouldn't let me go!
Shoes- JcPenny (4 years ago?)
Skirt- Target brand
Sweater- Target brand (thrifted)---not really sure if it's mens or women's though

If this outfit looks familiar, it is.  It's the same day as above but Josh and I got a chance to go out for date night and I just changed a few things up.
Shoes-Target (recent!!)
Bag- Target (recent!!)

Have you noticed that I am loving this sweater a whole lot? It's so versatile.  Honestly, a few years ago I wouldn't have dared to wear it so many different ways.  I love growing up and growing into my own skin!
Shoes- Target
Jeans- New York and Company
Sweater- Target (thrifted)
Hat- Walmart ($3.50!! Hello, Clearance!)

Do you have any pieces that you can wear with just about anything?  I'd love to hear about them!  Have a happy weekend, All!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Instagram favorites lately.

I love Instagram.  Since I've gotten an iPhone it's been something I was excited to try out.  I use it everyday.  Several times a day.  It's just fun! It's quick.  It's easy.  All I do is point, click, and share.  I can edit if I want to or I don't have to.  Here are some of the fun things I've caught in the last few weeks.

Do you Instagram? If so, leave your handle (mine is RiciReid) in the comments! I would love to follow you! 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dearest girls.

Dearest girls,
My sweet, sweet girls.  My how you're growing.  Just look at these beautiful girls staring back at you in these pictures.  I wonder what you will see when you read the pages of this blog.  This blog that I hope can give you insight into how I view and how I've viewed Mommyhood.  You know what I see in looking back at me in these pictures?  I see beauty.  A beauty that I hope you will see.  I hope you will see it your whole lives.  I see innocence.  I see determination.  I see kindness.  I see curiosity.  I see sweetness.  I see independence.  I see the need for direction but I see a free spirit in your eyes.  I see faces that crave love.  I see faces that light up when you realize Mommy is there to pick you up or when the garage opens and you know your daddy is home.  I see faces that have hope.  A hope that I wish will drive you to do kind things for people because you want to see a change in the world.
My sweet girls, I hope when you look at these pictures that you will see the same things I do.  I hope that you will continue to look at me with those sweet baby blues.  Knowing that I will forever love you. No matter what.  I will love you when those sweet faces have tears.  I will love you when those sweet faces turn to scowls.  I will love you forever.  Unconditionally.  No matter what form those sweet faces take.

Forever & Always,

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunshine. Post of pictures.

We were so excited for a taste of our sweet NC spring that we had some serious outside time when we got home yesterday!