Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sickness be GONE.

Typically we are a healthy bunch in our house.  Occasionally some sort of sickness darkens our doorstep.  Actually, when it comes it usually sweeps through our house like a tornado.
Currently, Teagan has Strep Throat.  We had no idea but thankfully we caught it really early and she's on meds now, which is another story.
On Sunday, she was just not herself.  She cried when I dropped her off in her classroom at church and she was super clingy all day.  That afternoon she threw up twice and was burning up to the point I could have fried an egg anywhere on her body.  The stomach bug has been going around pretty bad around school and church and WalMart and Target and well, you get the picture.  I figured we were dealing with the stomach bug.  I made a doctor appointment anyway and we were seen the next morning.

Teagan woke up with "eye boogies" and I put all thoughts of the stomach bug out of my head.  We were dealing with another ear infection.  I just knew it.  WRONG. Come to find out Teagan has Strep throat.  We almost didn't find that out because it was in the very beginning stages and took forever to show up as positive on the Strep Test.  Thankfully, her doc waited the extra five minutes just in case.  WHO KNEW that throwing up was actually a symptom of Strep for some people?!? Not I!
Teagan in now on penicillin but I was worried about it for the first 24 hrs.  I'm not sure if it was the meds or if it was her fever and her body trying to fight off the strep but she was just all out of sorts.  Within a 24 hour period she went into an inconsolable fit twice.  She seemed to be completely out of it.  She didn't know what she wanted. She didn't want to be held but she did. Anything I did, or anybody else did was wrong even if that is what she asked for.  At one point she wanted me to play and that involved just pushing a toy to and from the kitchen while she stood there whining/wailing.  It was bizarre.

Honestly, I got scared during those two fits.  I was also in tears.  I've heard more and more instances of toddlers I know or know of having a crazy high fever that resulted in febrile seizures.   I didn't sleep a whole lot because I was scared she would have one and I wouldn't hear it or know it.  Thankfully we the Tylenol/Motrin combo (alternating them appropriately) knocked her fever down to just warm and not steaming hot so we didn't have to experience that. 

This bout of sickness has been especially hard with Kyra in the equation.  Bless her heart she hasn't gotten a lot of attention from me the last few days because Teagan has been so sick and wanting me.  Thankfully we've had support from family who loves Kyra almost as much as we do and could care for her.  Basically I tended to Teagan and when Kyra got hungry I would pass Teagan off for 20 minutes and then switch with whoever had Teagan. 

Hopefully the rest of us won't get it and sweet Teagan will be well enough for her birthday party on Saturday.  She woke up in good spirits this morning and had a good day today.  Tomorrow she's heading back to school and hopefully continues to be on the up and up!