Tuesday, September 24, 2013

That time I used my real camera.

My "real camera" has been sitting at the top of a closet the last few months collecting dust while I used my iPhone for most of our pictures.  I decided last weekend that enough was enough and we were going to take some real pictures.  The kind that don't upload straight to Instagram.

Here are a few of my favorites from our unplanned but kind of planned photo shoot I had with the girls.  Teagan is in her sweet Matilda Jane clothes and Kyra is in a thrifted yellow dress that she's now wearing as a shirt and hand-me-down baby Gap leggings.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

New Mommy/Busy Mommy workout ideas

There is such pressure when we bring home the baby to get back to pre-mommy bodies. It's like society puts a time line on our size and shape and completely forgets that we just grew a HUMAN in our stomach and pushed it out our woohoo. I also think we put a lot more pressure on ourselves and we just project that pressure on society.
That being said, exercise has always made me feel good. Even if it's a little bit. Feeling good about myself and my body usually increases my patience and my good mood. Which makes life easier for everybody I come in contact with. However, for a a lot of moms it's hard to get exercise in. I found after Kyra that I tried to get in a little something in some of the strangest ways. It made me feel better and gave my husband something to laugh about (laugh in a sweet way not a "your being stupid what are you doing" way).

I decided to share with you a few of my moves.  And this is a true "mom post".  Kyra Mae has been fighting a virus the last few days and I'm running on broken sleep.  Welcome to real life.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh Sisters. Oh Friends.

Dearest Girls, 
I was going to put a sweet quote about sisters on here but I decided not to. I googled some but found that a lot of them were cheesy and also didn't come close to the relationship you girls already have with each other and didn't come close to the relationship I pray you will continue to have.
Looking back over the relationship that you girls have developed just makes my heart smile with a joy I never imagined.  The way you sweet girls play, read, and talk together is something that brings a little more light into this seemingly daunting world.  Watching you love each other.  Watching you quarrel with each other.  Watching you make each other laugh.  Occasionally watching you make each other cry.  It all amazes me.     
I am thankful for the blessings that the two of you are to your daddy and I.  As we watch you grow both into your own and together we just want you to know some things...
We love you.  We love you with a love you will never be able to fathom until or unless you become parents of your own.  
We want the best for you.  In those moments where we use the dreaded "No" it's not because we're being mean and it's almost always not because we're tired or frustrated. It's because we are doing the very best we can to raise you up in ways that are good, wise, and kind.  
We love each other. We love each other more now than we did before you both came into our lives.  You girls have help your daddy and I connect more deeply and more intimately than we could ever imagine. We're truly a team now. Not just for your sake but for our own. 
We strive to be more like Jesus.  Moreso now you girls are in our lives.  We have been given an eternal responsibility.  We have been chosen by our sweet Savior to be your keepers and bringers-up here on Earth.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  
We are going to get it wrong. A lot. There are going to be moments when you girls bob and we weave and we're all just standing there like we lost a puppy.  However, we love you. We will always love you. We will shower you with grace and we pray that you will do the same for us.  

Forever & Always, 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life lately. Remembering HE is enough.

Life lately has been full of emotions.  Emotions like anger. Frustration. Sadness. Defeat. Envy. Misunderstanding. Confusion. There have also been emotions like joy.  Happiness.  Delight. Peace. Understanding.

In those angry times I have cried out, truthfully not angry at God but angry at the situation we're in right now.  Angry that I still don't have a job almost 5 months post-grad school.  Angry that our finances are meeting "that point" that drastic might have to happen soon. Simply not understanding how it's all going to work out. Why hasn't it worked out in the way I've planned, the way we planned.  In those times it's hard to see how it's going to work out. How HE has a plan and how it is going to work out for our good. How I am blessed to see the other side of His proverbial tapestry that he is creating. How HE continues to provide for us and meet our needs. How in spite of my times where I've been anxious and angry and withdrawn and hurt, HE loves me anyway. He loves me when I'm questioning Him.  He loves me when I try to take it back and just do it on my own. He loves me when I ignored Him and ended up feeling those emotions like anger and frustration and sadness and envy and confusion. He loves me when I forget to thank Him for the opportunities that bring joy, happiness, delight, understanding, and peace, sweet peace.    
So today, I am coming to him. I am coming empty. I am spending the day in prayer and fasting. I am prayerful that I will feel the peace that only He can bring.  Remembering today that HE is enough. And that He truly does work all things for our good. Remembering I am truly HIS (Isaiah 43:1).

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A special What Teagan Wore post: Matilda Jane. Style that fits my Teagan.

Before two weeks ago I'd never really heart about Matilda Jane Clothing. I had seen a few outfits on a friend or two of Teagan and Kyra's at school and occasionally on my Instagram feed but I didn't know much about the company.  So, when they contacted me asking if I was interested in doing a review I hopped on over to their site to check it out.  I am beyond thankful that I did! Their clothing lines are adorable!!  I will admit they are a little on the pricey side but all their clothes, or the ones we received, are good quality and will probably last for a while.
Our Teagan has a sense of style that is all her own and the style of the Matilda Jane clothes just seem to sum up T's style sense.
The sweet people over at Matilda Jane sent Teagan over some pieces from their new line "Paint By Numbers" (they would have sent some to Kyra Mae but I keep forgetting my "sweet and tall take after her Daddy" Kyra Mae can now wear 2T stuff) to try on and love.

They sent us the "Plum Kitten Cardigan", which Teagan LOVES.  Dresses and cardigans are Teagan's staple.  It can be 90 degrees outside and that child will have on a dress and a cardigan.  She is my child...fall dressing all the way!
They also sent us the "Atmosphere Dress".  Super cute.  Teagan wanted to put it on the minute we got it out of the package. She's worn it twice already and we've only had it a week.
They sent her a pair of "ArrowWood Benny's" as well.  I just love the name, Benny's.  I also love that they are brown and have an amazing amount of ruffles on the bottoms.  I mean come on, what "almost 4" year old girl doesn't like ruffles?

Here is Teagan strutting her stuff in some the outfits:

Mommy! Is this for me?!! -T 

So sweet! 

Look at this packaging?!?!

Instantaneous love! It had ruffles, what else would you expect? 


Beautiful in her Plum Kitten Cardigan.  She LOVES cardigans. 

Look at the inside, Mommy!! -T

She's a natural. 


Atmosphere dress! Posing before school! 

Atmosphere Dress and Plum Kitten Cardigan together! Lovely! 

We wear it and add our own little flare, w/her pocketbook from Mamaw, to church. 
We wear it just hanging out, waiting on friends for brunch after church.

We wear it to make funny faces on the sidewalk. 

We wear it when we want to sneak Mommy's coffee.

Wooohoooo! I LOVE Matilda Jane! 

Thank you, Matilda Jane Clothing for the wonderful treats! We cannot wait to add some more of your clothes to our collection!

You can find Matilda Jane at every social media form possible! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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*We were provided the clothing in this post by the company for review, however, all the opinions are mine.  If you are interested in partnering with Teagan Tales for a review please contact me at: TeaganTales@gmail.com *