Monday, September 23, 2013

New Mommy/Busy Mommy workout ideas

There is such pressure when we bring home the baby to get back to pre-mommy bodies. It's like society puts a time line on our size and shape and completely forgets that we just grew a HUMAN in our stomach and pushed it out our woohoo. I also think we put a lot more pressure on ourselves and we just project that pressure on society.
That being said, exercise has always made me feel good. Even if it's a little bit. Feeling good about myself and my body usually increases my patience and my good mood. Which makes life easier for everybody I come in contact with. However, for a a lot of moms it's hard to get exercise in. I found after Kyra that I tried to get in a little something in some of the strangest ways. It made me feel better and gave my husband something to laugh about (laugh in a sweet way not a "your being stupid what are you doing" way).

I decided to share with you a few of my moves.  And this is a true "mom post".  Kyra Mae has been fighting a virus the last few days and I'm running on broken sleep.  Welcome to real life.

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