Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7 weeks

I can't believe you are almost 7 weeks old!  You are growing like a weed!  Your nose, mouth and ears are beginning to develop into what they will look like when you are born!
It's so funny.  Nobody but your daddy and I know you're in my belly.  It's like our hidden little secret that we can't wait to share with everybody we love!  Your daddy is getting more excited! He is trying to get the house and yard ready so it's safe for you to play!
We are both very excited and want everything to be perfect. 
Keep growing Baby Love!

Always and Forever,

Friday, May 15, 2009

7 weeks

Dearest Baby Love,

I just got the news that I got the new job! That means no more stressful home visits and late nights and smokey houses. 

You are about the size of a blueberry this week! Don't worry, I will show you what a blueberry is when you get older! We might even go pick some!
This weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  This weekend is when we remember men and women who fought for our country and either died or went MIA (missing in action) or were held prisoner while serving.  Your Papaw and Mamaw are both Veteran's and we will teach you all about it when you come! I am very proud of them both. 
We are going to tell your grandparents about you next weekend! I can't wait!!
We love you!
Always and Forever,

6 weeks!

Baby Love,

You are 6 weeks old today! I can't believe it!  I think I felt you grow some this morning!  I was cramping for about 15-20 minutes so I think it was you. 
The doctor's appointment went really good on Wednesday (5/13/09).  They took my weight and a sample and my blood pressure.  Everything was perfect.  The doctor told me after she checked me that my cervix was just right for being 6 weeks pregnant.  I have another appointment on May 22nd and I will probably have an ultrasound that day.  I'm very excited to be able to see you!!
I think the baby bump it starting to show.  Well, it's probably just me being bloated but I'm still going to pretend it's you! I'm just so excited to sport that baby bump so they whole world can see!
Daddy and I are going to eat out with Papaw tonight.  He still doesn't know though! We love you!

Always and Forever,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dearest Baby Love

Today you are 5 weeks and 4 days old!  You are almost at the 6 week mark!  I can't believe it! I might see you a little in my tummy.  I looked in the mirror a little while ago and my lower tummy was sticking out just a little bit.  I haven't figured out if it's you getting bigger or if Mommy is just bloated.  Either way I'm pretending it's you!
I had an interview today.  Hopefully everything works out because the job is perfect for us.  The environment is healthy and there are no late night home visits I will have to make.  So, today, I'm praying for you and that I get this job. 
Know that your daddy and I love you!

Always and Forever,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dearest Baby Love

You are 5 weeks and 3 days old today! There are only 22 more days until we can tell your grandparents about you!  Your daddy said we can tell your grandparents about you when you are 9 weeks old!  When you get 9 weeks old we will get to hear your heartbeat! We are so excited!

Today is actually Mother's Day.  This time next year you will be here in my arms for this day.  I can only imagine how it's going to feel.  It is going to be a wonderful journey and you are going to be then end prize for completing it.  I can't wait to nuzzle your neck and breath you in.  I already want you in my arms and dream of the person you will grow up to be.  You are our miracle already and I can't wait to take this journey and finally have you in my arms at the end. 
I woke up early this morning and couldn't really go back to sleep.  I started thinking about you.  I wondered if you are going to be an early riser, like your daddy.  I can't believe you are already a boy or a girl.  I wonder which you are!  Either way you are going to be loved more then you will ever know.  You are already loved so much that every day I wake up surprised that I love you more then I did the day before. 

I love you, Baby Love.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


I had my first pregnancy nap today. I slept for about 2 hours and it was quite nice! When you get further along (like 3rd trimester) when I absolutely NEED to sleep on my side it might be easier to sleep on the couch because I sleep on my side better!
Dinner is here my love!


Can't stop writing!

I'm back my Baby Love!
I just went walking with your Mamaw and Papaw! It was great! I am getting a little out of breath when I walk but that is normal.
I'm getting a little heartburn every now and then. Things are starting to get sore too, haha.
I've started feeling a little bloated and boy I thought I had to go to the bathroom a lot before! I'm running to the bathroom all the time now! haha! I've also started getting full quicker so I eat smaller meals during the day instead of three normal sized ones (I think your Mamaw is starting to notice because this was a symptom she had too). I feel a little nauseous in the morning but I'm typically okay after I've had a little something to eat.

I love you!

5 weeks and 2 days old!

Hello my Baby Love,
You are 5 weeks and 2 days old today! There are only 243 days until I meet you and can hold you in my arms! I cannot wait! I'm more excited then you will ever know! I can't really feel you yet but I know you're there.
I think your Daddy is warming up to the idea. His shock has started wearing off. I think when we go to the doctor on Wednesday he will feel a little better. He is just worried about you and wants to know that you're going to be okay.
I almost found you a stroller for riding while I run but it was too big for you. I would've had to wait until you were at least a year old before we could use it. We can't have that!
Now at the doctor's appointment on Wednesday you might feel a little poking and proding but that is okay. It's just the doctor making sure everything is okay. You probably won't feel it though because you have a big fluffy pillow around you! Your brain is starting to develop now and your hands and feet are kind of like flippers! I think it's pretty cool! It's amazing that a real person, YOU, are growing inside me!!
Well, I love you! Mommy will write to you tomorrow!

Love you Baby Love,

Dearest Baby Love

I can't stop writing!
I just went walking with your Mamaw and Papaw.  It was great and they have no idea you're in my belly! I am getting a little out of breath when I walk but other then that most everything is pretty normal!

Here are some of my symptoms so far:
-"girls" getting sore
-my lower stomach is bloated (lovely)
-bathroom, bathroom, bathroom!!!
-getting full really fast so I eat a few small meals throughout the day
-feeling a little nauseous in the mornings but I'm okay after I eat

I love you, Baby Love!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Love

Good morning my Baby Love!
You are 5 weeks old today! There are only 245 days left until I get to meet you! Your daddy and I are super excited! Your dad is a bit nervous and still kind of in shock but he already loves you too.
I went walking with you yesterday. I'm already patting and rubbing my tummy because I know you're in there. I can't stop touching my belly because I know you are in there and it amazes me beyond belief. We are keeping it a secret until you are 3 months old. That way we know you are 100% okay!
You have probably felt Mommy crying but that is normal so I hope you aren't scared. I am so excited you are here!! I've been waiting for you practically my whole life!
Well, Mommy has to get some work done now! Just know I love you Baby love!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More from today

So, I can't concentrate on much more then you right now my baby love! Luckily my later appointment got canceled so I can sit here and just be with you. I want to learn everything I can about you. I was talking to you in the car today. I'm sure people thought there was somebody else in the car the way I was going on but you're in my belly and me & your daddy's little secret! I've already got an idea of what I want your nursery to look like. Daddy will make sure it's colorful and bright and special. I have an interview for a different job on Monday. If I get this job it will be better for us and easier on us.
Okay, I'm done for now love. I love you!


I'm Pregnant!!

I'm pregnant. Even as I write those words my mind can't wrap itself around them. I took a test yesterday morning and there was a faint line. It took me a few minutes to grasp that there was a positive line. I burst out crying and literally got on my knees crying "thank you" to God. I'm sure I said it at least 30 times. I basically cried all morning. Those were some of the happiest tears (if not the happiest) I've ever cried in my life. I got ready and headed into work where I couldn't even think straight. I didn't want to call Josh on the phone and tell him so I started working out how I would tell him in my head. Before my last home visit I went to WalMart and got some lotion for my tummy, a pregnancy magazine and a picture frame and paint markers. I went back to the office and made Josh a "Daddy" picture frame. I also took another pregnancy test (half for the surprise and half for me because I was still in disbelief). I took the test and BAM the actual word PREGNANT popped up. That is when I became 100% sure. I cleaned off the test and taped it to the picture frame. Then I called the doctor and made an appointment.
When I got home Josh wasn't there so I ran upstairs and placed the picture frame on his pillow. I started to clean up the bedroom and turned around and there he was! At first he didn't see it until I glanced over at it and his gaze followed mine. He looked at it and then looked at me with a puzzled look. He asked me why I had taped a marker to a picture frame. I burst out laughing and told him it was a positive pregnancy test. "We're pregnant!!" I practically screamed it. He was pretty shocked but hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead. The whole night he stayed in shocked mode.
On the way to work this morning I talked to you Baby Reid! I cannot wait to meet you and feel you! You have made me so happy already and you are only 4 weeks and 6 days old. I can't even imagine the joy you will bring during this 9 month journey. I love you.

*I could get used to that name*