Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tag teaming!

We had our first round of Mommy and Daddy being sick this past week. Luckily, Teagan didn't get sick...the doctor said she probably just brought it home! Josh started feeling pretty crappy on Monday and ended up coming home a little early and then we both felt crappy on Tuesday and neither of us went to work which meant Teagan didn't go to daycare.
I am so proud of the way we both worked together. I took care of her on Monday night while Josh got some rest and then Tuesday morning Josh took care of her after I fed her and she had taken a nap. He took her and let me sleep until around 9ish (which was AMAZING..LOL). Then we all just kind of snuggled in and watched movies all day. The being sick part wasn't enjoyable but spending the day snuggled up as a family with no distractions and nothing else to get done was incredible. We've decided to have one day a month like that...where we will do nothing but spend time together as a family with no laundry, no dishes, no mowing the lawn or working on projects. We will just be. Together.
It's incredible how watching our little girl can just make us feel better. We paused the movies a few times to just play with Teagan and instantly we both started feeling better. Just playing with her and watching her laugh and listening to her talk was enough medicine for the both of us...napping with her in our arms just made the "medicine" all the more sweeter!