Saturday, April 10, 2010

Road trip!!

Teagan did amazing! She went on her first road trip this weekend and I swear she is the most amazing baby ever! She was great in the car and only got fussy if she got hungry.

Most of the time she was: looking out the window...

or holding conferences with her gorilla, puppy and Jesus Loves Me bunny...

or chewing on her puppy

or sleeping. We got her out when we crossed the Virginia line because I wanted to get her picture next to the Virginia sign! We attempted to put her sun hat on but it's still gigantic on her little head and her nose still isn't quite big enough for her sunglasses but we tried anyway!

Then we went sliding and then got back in the car and headed down the road!! We go to the hotel around 8:30-9ish and Teagan ate and went to bed! Even as much as she slept in the car on the road she slept like a champ last night!