Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home remedies.

The cough bug has bitten our house recently.  Kyra had it first, then Teagan and now I have been the latest victim.  It is annoying and I cannot figure out how to stop it.  I tried one of the old tricks of Vicks Vapor Rub being rubbed on my feet and pulling socks over them before bed.  It actually worked for a little while!  Josh has done it before and it hasn't worked for him so I really do think it is hit or miss. However, if you've got a cough and need to sleep, it's worth a shot! 

11 months. Almost not a baby!

Our dear sweet Kyra Mae is 11 months old today!  I can't say "time with the second goes by doubly quicker with the second one" enough.  I can't imagine how fast a third baby must grow (DO NOT GET ANY IDEAS!)!  
This last month has definitely brought on Kyra's personality even more.  She is thriving! Kid is WALKING! I mean, really? Walking? She'll be running before her first birthday, which much to my dismay, is only a month away.  
I will sit down soon and do an update post on the girls, but I felt Kyra needed a happy 11 month special shout out! How cute is this girl!?!

Sidewalk chalk and watching sister play with the "big girls" from the neighborhood.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feeling good.

Those of you who have been following for a while or who know me outside of the realm of blogger know I have a history of an unhealthy body image that fueled an eating disorder.  For years it haunted me and to be quite honest I was very anxious about my postpartum health.  I was concerned I would be so obsessed with losing the baby weight that I would slip back into that dark place and it would be worse than it was before. Thankfully quite the opposite happened.
I feel better at this moment than I ever have in my entire life.  I am the healthiest I have probably ever been.  I feel great.  I honestly don't even think about my weight and we threw out the scale a long time ago.  I am okay with being me.  To be honest, I think being me is pretty great.  I finally know who I am and why I am here.  Three years ago, those words would have never come out of my mouth or been a thought even creeping through my head.  Even a year and a half ago.  It just would not have happened.  
I have finally accepted and taken to heart the verse that David speaks and writes in Psalm 139:14.  "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."
This was a verse I read over and over when I was in that unhealthy place but I could never wrap my head around it.  I was constantly questioning whether or not God made a mistake with me, that he must have just forgotten me.  What in the world was I thinking?!?  God has never abandoned me.  He has never made a mistake.  It just took me time to get to this place.  It took me time for the Lord to work in my heart, in His time and not mine.  His time.  Not mine.    

Friday, September 21, 2012

The things she says...

The other day at the dinner table Josh and I were talking about an upcoming baby shower for one of our friends at Exodus.  Hilarity ensued...

Me: Don't forget I have Pamela's baby shower on Monday.
Josh: Okay, that's fine, what time?
Me: I will leave after we put the girls to bed.
Teagan: Mommy, I wanna see.
Me: See what, Baby?
Teagan: I wanna see.
Me: See what, Little Bear?
Teagan: Babies.
*then it made sense that she thought it was going to be a shower of babies or something*
Me: OH! No, Baby, there are not going to be babies taking showers and it's not going to be raining babies.  We are just going to be giving presents to Mrs. Pamela and her new baby.
Teagan: Ohhhhhh, okay, Mommy!!

Oh the things she says....