Friday, September 21, 2012

The things she says...

The other day at the dinner table Josh and I were talking about an upcoming baby shower for one of our friends at Exodus.  Hilarity ensued...

Me: Don't forget I have Pamela's baby shower on Monday.
Josh: Okay, that's fine, what time?
Me: I will leave after we put the girls to bed.
Teagan: Mommy, I wanna see.
Me: See what, Baby?
Teagan: I wanna see.
Me: See what, Little Bear?
Teagan: Babies.
*then it made sense that she thought it was going to be a shower of babies or something*
Me: OH! No, Baby, there are not going to be babies taking showers and it's not going to be raining babies.  We are just going to be giving presents to Mrs. Pamela and her new baby.
Teagan: Ohhhhhh, okay, Mommy!!

Oh the things she says....