Thursday, June 30, 2011


Conviction is a strong word.  And it should be.  Lately my heart has been convicted for myself and for my daughter.  We have been blessed to find an amazing church home.  This church home has provided many shining examples of Godly women for me to look to as examples and I am so grateful for that.  This being said I have felt such a conviction to become one of those women for other women including my daughter.  I want to be an example for her.  I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman. 
Recent sermons at church have been covering knowing and studying and yearning for knowledge of our Creator.  How can you worship something you know nothing about?  The fact that we can read the Bible with no repercussions should humble all of us believers.  We should be pressing and pouring into it.
It´s time I started taking that conviction and doing something about it. 
I have a lot of devotionals and I have a lot of Bibles (another humbling statement) but I do have a current favorite.  It´s the 1 Year Book of Devotions for Women.  It is a short & encouraging but full devotion every day with a section of the Bible to read on your own.  This has helped me delve back into my Bible reading and keeps me focused without leaving me overwhelmed. 

I want to be an example for Teagan in regards to my walk with the Lord and the way I pour into his Word.  I want her normal to be Mommy reading her Bible or praying and talking to God on a regular basis.  When she develops a little more of an attention span I want to do devotions with her.  I want us to be able to have quite time together.  I want her to realize that talking to God is something we are blessed with and do not have to hide.  Right now she just kind of stares at us or lays her head on my shoulders when we say ¨night-night¨ prayers but she knows we pray every night before we go to bed.  I can´t wait for the day we hear Teagan say her own night-night prayers. That will be a great day.  Until then, I will continue to prepare my own heart for that time. 

Back to normal? We sure hope so!

To say last weekend was a nightmare would be an understatement.  Poor sweet Teagan was sick for about 5 days. All day. Every day. And night.  She developed the croup out of nowhere on Friday and we struggled with it until Tuesday.  I have never seen Teagan that miserable.  I don't know that I have been that miserable.
Friday morning when she woke up her breathing was off and she was hoarse but acted like her normal self.  She started running a fever at daycare and then after lunch it went down hill from there.  We headed to the doctor that afternoon and the doctor, who we LOVE, barely had to look at Teagan before she concluded it was the croup.  I just looked at her completely dumbfouned.  The croup? In June? What was I supposed to do to fix it?  I have always had the idea that if Teagan ever got the croup it would be winter.  We would sit in the bathroom and run a steam shower for 10 minutes then run outside in the cold where she would take a deep breath of coolness and feel better.  Did I mention it was June? In NC? Yeah, cold is nowhere to be found at anytime during June. The doc gave Teagan a 3 day steroid treatment (not a fan, it made her throw up some so we gave her 1/2 the dose) to help her breathing and I gave her tylenol to keep the fever at bay and help her feel at least a little more comfortable.  The combo worked half of the time.  The other half my sweet girl didn't want to be put down in any way.  I couldn't even sit down while holding her and occasionally even the walking didn't work.  Let me remind you that I am 24 weeks pregnant.  Walking around for almost 8 hrs with a 26lbs toddler while pregnant is not a cake walk.  We spent most of the weekend both crying.  She would act like she would feel better and then all of a sudden she was miserable again.  I still can't stress to you how miserable she was.  It was like nothing we'd ever experienced with her.
Thankfully it all seems to be back to normal.  She went back to school on Tuesday and we are back in our routine.  I just pray we don't have to deal with the croup again.      

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That toy.

Has your child ever had a toy they can't get enough of but most days it makes you want to pull your hair out? 
Yeah, meet that toy in our family.  The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy.

We don't do a lot of battery operated toys in our house but we do have a few.  Teagan got this toy for Christmas and wasn't very interested in it until about a month and a half ago.  This one suddenly caught Teagan's eye and she hasn't let it go since.  Luckily, it just stays in the car.  We've designated one toy to stay in the car to make car rides easier since the binky is gone. Can I just say that one more time? The binky is GONE. Okay, anyway.  This toy sings and talks when you push the designated areas. The ears, paws, tummy and heart.  Teagan has learned how to manipulate the toy to do what she wants.  She has favorite songs that it sings and will peruse through all the songs until she gets back to the ones she wants.  She does this so often during our car rides to and from work/school that I find myself humming them throughout the day.  Trust me, I get strange looks when humming the dog's version of the ABC song while picking out peppers or grabbing a quart of milk. 
But, alas, this toy keeps car rides happy and Teagan will hum along and do the motions and it is the cutest thing.  Plus, I would rather hear the dog and Teagan laughing then have no dog and suffer through Teagan screaming from boredom in the car.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Croup

Dear Croup,

Go AWAY.  You have made my poor sweet girl miserable.  More miserable then I have ever seen her in her life.  There were a lot of tears this weekend because of you.  My tears almost equalled hers.  There were times when she was inconsolable and all I could do was walk and hold her and tell her I was there for her and wouldn't let her go.  I felt as if I had a colicky infant in a toddler body.  There was NOTHING I could do that made it better.  Do you know how bad that makes a mommy feel? It made me feel terrible.  Not being able to make her feel better was quite possibly the worst feeling in the world.
So, now that you have come and made your presence known can you please go away? I would really like my little girl to feel better and not be miserable. I could use some sleep too. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet presents from faraway friends.

Teagan and I have both been very lucky when it comes to meeting people through the blogoshpere.  She and I both have made several sweet friends whom we can't wait to meet face to face someday soon!  Teagan has received some sweet mail the last week and we wanted to show you all some of this fun stuff!

First, Teagan got a package from her sweet penpal, Eva.  Nessa over at Moments & Impressions and I have been talking for a while and I can't wait to hug her sweet neck in person! Eva recently sent Teagan sidewalk chalk and finger paints! Teagan used the finger paints to make Father's Day presents and she loves playing with the sidewalk chalk! I managed to grab a picture of her latest artwork before it rained the other day!

Then there is sweet Getty! Her mom, Kate, and I seem to be kindred spirits.  Each existing from a different coast of the US.  One of these days I will get to hug her neck too! I can't wait! She has such a strong life force about her! She is definitely a lady you want on your side! Her sweet Getty is bravely fighting SMA.  If you don't know what SMA is then visit their website or search for it on my blog.  I've written about it a few times.  Trust me, once you read about Getty, your heart will have a permanent lasso around it and you won't be able to get out!  But realize, this is not a bad thing!  Kate has recently decided to start an Etsy shop where all the proceeds will go to the Getty Owl Foundation.  She asked if Teagan could be a "test owl" for some of the items she is going to sell.  I instantly agreed! She sent Teagan a matching pillow and blanket! Teagan loved it so much that she pulled it out of the box and laid down in the middle of the kitchen floor with it! She is such a ham!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Operation Bye Bye Binky

She's done it. Teagan has officially said "bye bye, binky".  Mere days before she hits the 17 month mark she did it.  I have been telling her for the last few weeks that it was going soon.  When she moved up to the big kid class it sealed the deal. 
I am so proud of her because honestly, it happens so quickly.  Even more quickly then I had planned.  I went in on Friday and asked Ms. Danielle not to give Teagan her binky unless she asked for it.  Teagan didn't take her binky at nap that day.  I figured I'd see how it went the next day for me and nap time.  She kind of cried for about 4 minutes and then she fell asleep.  That worked better then expected so I told Josh we'd give her 15 minutes that night when we put her to bed and see how it went.  After 16 minutes (4 crying, 12 whining) she went to sleep. Like normal.  Honestly, I assumed it was just a fluke and that we would get hit hard the next day when she realized what was going on.  It wasn't.  She napped Sunday without it like a champ and then bedtime came.  I was kind of dreading it.  Josh wasn't feeling well so I was in it alone.  Sunday night wasn't quite as easy as Saturday night.  Teagan pointed to the place where we kept her binky and started crying for it.  When I didn't give it to her she cried even harder.  I got kinda flustered and we didn't even say our night night prayers and I didn't say what I usually do.  After I walked out of the room my heart broke because of it.  Teagan cried for about 6 minutes and then laid down.  She started talking to herself and playing in her crib (she is so imaginative because all she has is her blanket, baby and a mirror).  After she was done playing and wanted to sleep then the real crying started.  She was tired, wanted to go to sleep but didn't have her binky.  I sat a the top of the stairs timing it.  I know she is old enough but I still hate to hear her crying it out, even for a few minutes.  After about 10 minutes she fell asleep.  I went in there to check on her, covered her back up and placed baby where she wouldn't roll onto it and headed back down stairs thanking the Lord the entire time for giving me the patience I needed.
So, she did it. No cutting the tip, no waiting a week to adjust to the nap time thing, just pretty much cold turkey.  I am a very proud Mama right now.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father´s Day

Father´s Day this year has been a little bit of a blur.  We dropped by our home town long enough to eat with my parents and let them play with Teagan; then head to Josh´s parents long enough to grab a few molasses cookies, give Grandpa his present and then head out.  I honestly feel like we didn´t really have time to enjoy today. With Josh or our dads. 

I am truly a daddy´s girl.  Growing up it was usually just me, mom & dad.  We traveled a lot and didn´t always have extended family around so it was just the 3 of us.
My dad and I haven´t always gotten along as we do now.  We are so much alike that it definitely caused some issues over the years.  Neither of us wanted to give up the last word even if it meant saying it behind a closed door.  We are both strong willed and if we believe our opinion or information is correct then we will fight tooth and nail until the other person agrees or just gives up.  Knowing I shared this characteristic with my dad encouraged him to teach me a lesson as I was growing up.  He used to tell me I needed to learn a four letter word. TACT.  It took me a long time but I think I´ve almost got it down!
Another amazing thing my dad taught me was how a man is supposed to treat women; especially his wife.  I have seen the way my dad has loved my mom over the last 27 years (27 for me, 30 for them).  I see the way he looks at her in a way that shows he is just as in love with her now as he was 30 years ago when he married her.  He treats her with respect and if you dare talk badly about her or hurt her feelings then I pity the fool...He used to get very angry at me when my mom and I would fight.  I thought he was full of it then.  Now, I appreciate it.  I was disrespecting my mom and my dad was not going to stand for it.  I admire that now. I only wish it wasn´t 10 years too late.   
My dad has taught me to have an astounding appreciation for our military men AND women.  There have been many times over the years where we would be out and he would just thank somebody for their service if he found out they served.  This is something I have tried to put into practice.  He advocates for our military men and women and the soldiers who have served in the past.  He & my mom are true American heros in my eyes.
My dad also taught me that age is just a number.  Any time I doubt I will ever be able to go back to school because I´ll get to old I just think of my dad.  He got his degree around the same time I did.  He worked 40 plus hours and went to school. He did it and graduated with honors.  I don´t know that I´ve ever been more proud of him.
My dad´s love for the Lord has always been something I´ve admired.  Over the last few years I have been amazed at his growth.  His trust and his yearning to learn more about the Lord and his path just continues to inspire and amaze me.  He recently took a huge leap of faith and is continuing to hold fast to his trust in the Lord´s provision.  A lot of people would have given up by now but my daddy keeps holding strong.  I am so proud of him.
I can´t wait to see what kind of things Teagan and Baby Bear are going to learn from my dad.  I can only imagine...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dearest Teagan

Dearest Teagan,

Oh my Little Bear! What a big girl you're becoming! You moved up into the "big kid" classroom at school this week.  The one where we used to poke our heads in, you would wave to the "big kids" and they would scream at the top of their lungs "Hi, baby Teagan"!  Now, you are a "big kid". You are a toddler and no longer a baby.  Honestly, just typing those words brings bittersweet tears to my eyes. No longer a baby.

I am so proud of you.  You have grown up so much in the last few months that it makes my head spin just trying to keep up with it all.  You are starting to take in the world around you with a new curiosity that makes me gaze at you with wonder.  You've started talking more and you like to read to yourself now.  I am so thankful you share my love for books.  I hope you will always love to read.  You also share your daddy's love for figuring things out.  Every new thing you receive you inspect.  It's so funny to see you turn over your car or your chair just to see what is going on underneath it.  I just smile to myself and think that you are going to be a force to be reckoned with.  I can't wait until you can fit in your first pair of coveralls and start helping your daddy fix his cars up and taking them to shows! Hopefully, you will be willing to let Baby Bear at least help wash the car and toddle along behind you!

I am continually amazed at how loving you are to your Baby Bear.  It doesn't take any coercing for you just to run and snuggle up and kiss my belly.  Your latest thing is playing peek-a-boo with Baby Bear while you brush your teeth.  Sometimes you play more peek-a-boo then you do brush your teeth but I make sure your teeth get brushed and you have fun so it works.

It is getting a little harder to sit and have you plop down on my lap so I can read you stories.  My belly is starting to really get out there and sometimes when you just come over and plop down we have to readjust to make all three of us comfortable.  I promise that no matter how much we have to readjust over the next few months that you will always be able to plop down in my lap so we can read stories. 

We are going to begin the process of taking your binky away.  I know how attached you are to it.  It's been a close companion for 17 months but I fear if we wait any longer it will only get worse.  You're doing great with it at school now that you are in your new class.  You don't ask for it or care about it at all until nap time.  Ms. Danielle is starting to work with you on that part.  I figure with a tag-team attempt we'll get it within the next two weeks or so.  I haven't decided if I'm going to snip the tip or not.  I am just trying to make it happen with as little trauma as possible.  But, it has to be done.  This is one of those Mommy-Daddy moments we don't enjoy having to do but it's necessary. Just remember, we love you.

When I found out I was pregnant with Baby Bear I was scared how I could manage to love two kiddos with the same amount of love I have for you alone.  Then as you grow and get older my love for you grows every day and the space in my heart continues to expand.  I'm not worried about loving you both anymore.  So, thank you Little Bear, for showing me that I can love you both. I can love you equally.  I will love you both with my whole heart. I will make sure you never feel as if you are getting less love.  You are my Little Bear. You have taught me so much over the last (almost) 17 months.  I only hope I can continue to teach you as you are teaching me.

I love you Little Bear.
Forever & Always,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 years

Hard. Blissful. Tears. Joy. Challenging. Educational. Lovely. Rewarding. Passionate. Fulfilling. Adventurous. Laughter. Sweet. Fun. Momentous. Tough. Heart warming. Connective.

These last four years being married to Josh have been amazing.  It is almost like I prepared my whole life to be with him.  Sure, we've had our difficulties but we've ended up on top every single time.  We've done it together.  We've become intertwined completely.  There is no single unit anymore.  We have truly become one.  I feel like we've become that symbolic ring we both wear on our fingers.  There is no end and no beginning with us anymore.  We just are. We always have been.

Now, we have a sweet little girl and a baby on the way.  It's almost as if we had so much love between us that it exploded twice into two new entities.  Our love for each other manifested into two other human beings.  That is such a beautiful thing. 

I am truly blessed to be married to Josh.  He has been my rock for so many years and I don't nearly recognize it enough.  He is my provider and care taker.  He is my calm when I find myself in the storm.  The Lord blessed me with a level headed husband because he knew that I am capable of being an emotional wreck and that I would need somebody to hold the compass and lead the way. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have always had an extremely vivid imagination.  It takes the smallest creek of the stairs for me to create a sleepless night for myself.  The pregnancy hormones have made this worse.  Here lately I've been having dreams/thoughts while driving about being stuck in a car filling up with water.  This is most unrealistic because Teagan and I drive over maybe 2 bridges every day.  I've never had a drowning incident or instance where I feel physically trapped. 
I try and think through the scenario before it could possibly happen.  What would I do now that I'm pregnant? Before I was pregnant I could have squeezed over from the front to the back seats even with Teagan's car seat.  Now I think I would unbuckle her over the seat and bring her to the front with me.  I would have to think about getting the car window down before the car shut off.  From what I have read I would have 3 minutes to do this before the car shuts down after being submerged into the water.  If I didn't happen to get the window down then I would have to find something hard to break the window with.  There are certain "breaking points" best to hit when doing this.  I looked those up too (see the links below).  They also have a tool that you can buy, called a center punch, that will easily break the window...stocking stuffer, perhaps? That would make life a lot easier if I couldn't get the window down.  Although, with as much stuff as I keep in my pocket book and the car itself I'm sure I've got something I could use.  Another thought is how will I make sure Teagan can still breath on the way up?  I've thought about putting a cup around her mouth (I almost always have a cup in the car) but that is about the extent of my solution for that.  I'll have to look that one up a little more. 
Yes, this is just me being paranoid but I'm sure somebody else has thought about this at one point or time.  So, I thought I would share my fear and share the information I've found with you guys as well.  I hope none of us ever have to use it! Oh, my!

How to escape from a sinking car.
When your car goes under water.

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Vote for SMA to Win 250k

Please take a few moments to watch this video and vote at the end. This would be a huge win for the SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) team! Let's help them win the vote, win the money and find a cure!
For those of you who don't know what Spinal Muscular Atrophy is, I've written about it several times over the last few months. You can search for it on the blog or you can go to my 2 favorite sources of information for it: Getty's blog and Sophia's blog.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jumping in on the photography bandwagon.  Entering at Another Day Another Diaper!

The theme is reflection...

If your child is anything like mine, they go through picky eating phases.  Right now, Teagan is going through a phase where she won't eat fruit. Hardly ever.  It makes me ecstatic when she takes a bite of watermelon and doesn't spit it out.  I keep telling her, "It's summer, kid! Fresh fruit is a MUST!" but with no avail. 

I have discovered she will eat anything sweet and frozen though.  I still have some fruit that I made her, when she was still eating baby food, in the freezer.  I put that in her mesh thing and she goes to town.  So, I figured, it's hot and she's got a swimming pool now so I'll just load her up with "popsicles"!

Last night I made blackberry popsicles, mango popsicles and bananacado popsicles.  Just like I would have made her baby food for the most part and then stuck them in the freezer.  I wasn't too sure if I should cook the blackberries or really how to do that so I looked it up and found the answer here.

All it said to do was mix 2 cups of blackberries (or any berry really) and 1 cup of milk then blend and freeze.  Easy as that! Just remember blackberry stains are terrible to get out and stain quickly so put a towel or something down when you're prepping and pouring into the popsicle things (or ice cube trays like I did).

I think I'll probably end up getting a set of the grown up popsicle makers as well. They are great snack for a pregnant mama during the summer!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Gestational Diabetes

When I was pregnant with Teagan I developed gestational diabetes.  This is the kind of diabetes that comes on when you get pregnant and for the most part goes away when the baby becomes an "outside baby".  The two culprits that probably helped it along for me was my dad's side of the family seems to have it chronically and I gained WAY TOO MUCH weight during my pregnancy with Teagan.  You don't have to be overweight, before or during, or have a history of diabetes to develop it but those things do not work in your favor.

This go 'round we did an early gestational diabetes test at 18 weeks.  For those of you who don't know how the test is done it's basically done like this: you go in and drink this sickenly sweet nothing but sugar orange or red drink and they take your blood.  It's pretty simple but waiting on the results is mind numbing.  Especially if you've heard that "we need you to come in for a second test" before.  Waiting on the results made my mind numb but thinking of all the hard work I did the last time and wondering if I could do that and care for a toddler if the test came back positive made it even worse. 

The test came back negative.  So far. We will do another test at the normal testing range.  Around 28 weeks.  I have a 50/50 chance of getting it again.  I am hoping for the happy 50% and not the here we go again 50%. 

I researched the hound out of gestational diabetes when I was diagnosed with it.  When I first got the diagnosis I beat myself up mentally and emotionally.  I thought, why did I eat that? why didn't I exercise more? why didn't I do this? why did I do that? Eventually I realized that I probably couldn't have done anything to prevent it and I just needed to take care of myself and "Sprout" from there on out.  So, I did. (It was only this time that Dr. Wicker told me if I got it it wasn't my fault and not to beat myself up about it if I developed it again. As much as I love my doctors' I told this one that they needed to tell women that before they take the test every time because it's hard not to blame yourself.  Dr. Wicker agreed completely and apologized.)  I worked my butt off to keep off insulin and to keep my numbers in a normal range.  I became a gestational diabetes crazy woman. 

After my diagnosis they sent me to a diabetes clinic at the hospital where we would deliver.  There was only one lady there who I liked.  She was the only one who didn't push insulin.  I only got to see her twice and it was unfortunate.  Now, I have a sour taste in my mouth for the place and will do whatever I can not to go back.  The minute I met with the next lady she asked if I wanted to learn how to give myself the insulin shot.  My numbers were steady and I was controlling the diabetes, of course I didn't want to learn the shot.  I didn't want insulin as long as I could manage it.  Yet, she pushed and pushed.  I never gave in though and I never had to take the insulin.  It just broke my heart the number of women (and men) she must have pushed into doing something they might not have done if she had pushed a little hard work or supported their decision. Was it easy? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? Absolutely.  Would I have taken the insulin shot had it become necessary and I couldn't manage it anymore? Yes, I would have. 

The point of this post was to share gestational diabetes with those who have never heard of it or never think they can get it.  To offer support to those who receive this diagnosis and think they can't do it.  To share a few things that I learned during my struggle with it. 

I learned that eating eggs in the morning was AMAZING for my blood sugar. Protein = good. Eggs are a rockin' protein for a pregnant mom and her baby.  Needless to say, after 3 mths I was SICK of eggs and never wanted to see another one was worth it though.
I learned that the reason I couldn't wear my contacts 5 months in was because of the diabetes.  It wasn't just because I was retaining fluid.
I learned that eating full fat ice cream and drinking a glass of milk were good for me at night because the full fat kept my sugar level during the night so I didn't crash in the morning. So, I got my ice cream in!
I learned that cold fingers get blood easier but it hurts your fingers more.
I learned that you should switch fingers even if it's easier on two. Because eventually, those two will get tired and start to hurt. 
Exercise helps. A lot. Not only is it good for any pregnant woman.  It is especially important for those who develop gestational diabetes.  It's as simple as taking a 30-45 min walk every day and on days you can take a walk within 30 minutes of eating a "major" meal. 

I also learned some thing about myself.  I've always been a great "starter".  I start strong and then lose steam about halfway through whatever I'm doing.  I have great ideas but I'm not so great at the follow through.  When things start getting hard for me then I have a tendency to run.  Having gestational diabetes made me a stronger person. It made me follow completely through and work my butt off the entire time.  Honestly, I don't know that I ever slipped up because I was so "on" the entire time.  All I had in mind was the health of "Sprout" (Teagan) and I wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that.  So, was it hard? Very.  Do I hope I don't develop it this time? Yes.  But at least I know I can do it. And I can fight it. And that makes me a stronger person. 

If you would like more information on gestational diabetes here are some websites I found helpful or if you want to ask me something about my struggle with it, just ask!
Also when researching heed this warning.  Some of the information you will read about gestational diabetes is SCARY. Remember they have to put all the information out there.  Talk to your doctor about how to better manage it.  They have to put every possible scenario on these websites, in the books and pamphlets, etc but every situation is different.  Don't let it strike fear in you.  Let it strike determination.

American Diabetes Association
Baby Center Info on Gestational Diabetes
Mayo Clinic

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am so thankful for Teagan's best friend, Matilda! She is such an adorable and sweet little one! If you've read the blog for a little while you know that Teagan and Matilda "Tilda" share the same birthday! Teagan is a mere 2 hrs older! Matilda has been a blessing for Teagan and Matilda's mom, Tara, has been a blessing to me! It's nice when you click with your child's best friends parents! There aren't many days during the week where she and I haven't shot a txt or a message to each other about something.  Teagan and Matilda have reached each of their major milestones within days of each other so it's been nice to have somebody to bounce stuff off of when it comes to these things!
Even though Teagan and Matilda get to see each other every day during the week we like to try and get them together outside of school.  This Saturday we had the chance! Matilda and Tara came over to the house for a playdate! It was so much fun! The girls loved seeing each other.  Teagan was saying "Tilda, Tilda" all morning and the look on her face when they pulled in the driveway was priceless!
The girls played in the house then got on their swimmy diapers and played in/around the pool and then came in for a good PB&J (hello, homemade strawberry jelly made by Grandma!) and then played until a little after 12.  At that point both girls were well beyond exhaustion and so Tara and Matilda headed home.  It was such a great morning! We can't wait to do it again!

Oh, yes! Of course there are pictures! Be cautious though. Like I said before.  The sweetness surpasses a chocolate cupcake with extra icing and sprinkles!

First photo link up!

Thanks to my sweet friend Nessa at Moments & Impressions we decided to link up with Grace's Snap & Share this week!

This was Teagan at her playdate with her bff, Matilda this weekend! I'll post about the cuteness overload later! Promise! It's as sweet as a cupcake with extra icing and sprinkles!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Flashlight needed.

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you are about to have no control over the situation at hand? There are no words you can string together or amout of promises to make that will make a difference? 
Well, I am at that point in my job.  My job is a grant funded position.  Right now, the budget is up for vote.  The end result is still unknown.  How much will be cut. What will be cut. What happens to those of us who are cut.  Does it matter to those voting that my numbers are higher?  Does it matter to those voting the number of success stories that come through my facility (I say my because I'm the only one doing my job currently)?  Does it matter that I get to meet the kids of the parents I educate after they've been reunited with their parents? Apparently not.  The people voting on the budget just see numbers.  They just see the now and not the long term impact of their decisions. 
Right now, I feel like I need a flashlight as I'm walking through this tunnel and all I have is a match that has started to flicker the deeper I go.  Completely unsure of what waits for me on the other end. 
All I can do, all we can do as a family, is keep the faith that God's provision is greater then any dark tunnel we have to walk through.  The Lord will provide and we will be okay.  I do truly believe this but my family and I would appreciate all the prayers you can muster.

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Monday Inspiration

"Teach me to do your will, for you are my God.  Let your good spirit lead me on a level path."

Psalm 143:10

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb.  It isnt' something you get.  It's something you do.  It's the way you love your partner every day."

Barbara DeAngelis

Pamper's Miracle Mission

We aren't a Pampers family but I recently got an e-mail from Pampers asking if I'd spread the word about a new project they have going on.  After looking into it I agreed because if it's about people helping people, then why not? Humanity needs a little lift every now and then. 
Pampers is on mission to help out families but they are asking the rest of us to step up too.  If we reach a goal by helping with their missions then Pampers answers that goal with their own thing. 
For instance the current "mission" is focused on dad's and bonding with their babies.  Giving dad the time to read, play, love on their babies without having to focus on running errands or mowing the grass.  It's equally important for dad's and babies to bond as it is for mom's and babies to bond.  If 4,000 people commit to helping out a dad so they can spend time with their babies then Pampers will hold up their end of the bargain.  What is there end of the bargain? They have pledged to give special Father's Day cook-outs across the country for dads and babies.  The point of this is to give dad's an opportunity to be with their babies.

I'm sure you have seen the newest commercial Pampers has out.  Honestly, it makes me cry every single time I see it.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones or maybe it's just the beauty of a miracle that is a child. No matter how that child comes into the world. 
If you haven't seen it and have about 2 minutes then check it out below.  Also, if you want to know more about Pampers mission or commit to being one of the 4,000 then you can go to their facebook page to find out more. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dirty Dozen

We are all about local and organic at our house when we can afford it.  Sometimes, we just can't.  Or I can't make it to the farmer's market.  I do, however, go by the "Dirty Dozen" list when it comes to buying organic fruits and veggies.  Yet another reason I try to use coupons! So I can still get the good things my family needs without wondering how we are going to make it through the month.   
I found this list in a Fit Pregnancy magazine and clipped it out to keep with me when I go out shopping for groceries.  They call it the "Dirty Dozen" list.  These are the 12 foods you should be sure to try and get organic because the non-organic are usually loaded with pesticides.

1. Peaches
2. Apples
3. Sweet peppers
4. Celery
5. Nectarines
6. Strawberries
7. Cherries
8. Kale
9. Lettuce
10. Imported grapes
11. Carrots
12. Pears

*I got this list from Fit Pregnancy magazine and they sourced it from the Environmental Working Group.*