Monday, June 27, 2011

The Croup

Dear Croup,

Go AWAY.  You have made my poor sweet girl miserable.  More miserable then I have ever seen her in her life.  There were a lot of tears this weekend because of you.  My tears almost equalled hers.  There were times when she was inconsolable and all I could do was walk and hold her and tell her I was there for her and wouldn't let her go.  I felt as if I had a colicky infant in a toddler body.  There was NOTHING I could do that made it better.  Do you know how bad that makes a mommy feel? It made me feel terrible.  Not being able to make her feel better was quite possibly the worst feeling in the world.
So, now that you have come and made your presence known can you please go away? I would really like my little girl to feel better and not be miserable. I could use some sleep too.