Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pamper's Miracle Mission

We aren't a Pampers family but I recently got an e-mail from Pampers asking if I'd spread the word about a new project they have going on.  After looking into it I agreed because if it's about people helping people, then why not? Humanity needs a little lift every now and then. 
Pampers is on mission to help out families but they are asking the rest of us to step up too.  If we reach a goal by helping with their missions then Pampers answers that goal with their own thing. 
For instance the current "mission" is focused on dad's and bonding with their babies.  Giving dad the time to read, play, love on their babies without having to focus on running errands or mowing the grass.  It's equally important for dad's and babies to bond as it is for mom's and babies to bond.  If 4,000 people commit to helping out a dad so they can spend time with their babies then Pampers will hold up their end of the bargain.  What is there end of the bargain? They have pledged to give special Father's Day cook-outs across the country for dads and babies.  The point of this is to give dad's an opportunity to be with their babies.

I'm sure you have seen the newest commercial Pampers has out.  Honestly, it makes me cry every single time I see it.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones or maybe it's just the beauty of a miracle that is a child. No matter how that child comes into the world. 
If you haven't seen it and have about 2 minutes then check it out below.  Also, if you want to know more about Pampers mission or commit to being one of the 4,000 then you can go to their facebook page to find out more.