Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet presents from faraway friends.

Teagan and I have both been very lucky when it comes to meeting people through the blogoshpere.  She and I both have made several sweet friends whom we can't wait to meet face to face someday soon!  Teagan has received some sweet mail the last week and we wanted to show you all some of this fun stuff!

First, Teagan got a package from her sweet penpal, Eva.  Nessa over at Moments & Impressions and I have been talking for a while and I can't wait to hug her sweet neck in person! Eva recently sent Teagan sidewalk chalk and finger paints! Teagan used the finger paints to make Father's Day presents and she loves playing with the sidewalk chalk! I managed to grab a picture of her latest artwork before it rained the other day!

Then there is sweet Getty! Her mom, Kate, and I seem to be kindred spirits.  Each existing from a different coast of the US.  One of these days I will get to hug her neck too! I can't wait! She has such a strong life force about her! She is definitely a lady you want on your side! Her sweet Getty is bravely fighting SMA.  If you don't know what SMA is then visit their website or search for it on my blog.  I've written about it a few times.  Trust me, once you read about Getty, your heart will have a permanent lasso around it and you won't be able to get out!  But realize, this is not a bad thing!  Kate has recently decided to start an Etsy shop where all the proceeds will go to the Getty Owl Foundation.  She asked if Teagan could be a "test owl" for some of the items she is going to sell.  I instantly agreed! She sent Teagan a matching pillow and blanket! Teagan loved it so much that she pulled it out of the box and laid down in the middle of the kitchen floor with it! She is such a ham!