Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 years

Hard. Blissful. Tears. Joy. Challenging. Educational. Lovely. Rewarding. Passionate. Fulfilling. Adventurous. Laughter. Sweet. Fun. Momentous. Tough. Heart warming. Connective.

These last four years being married to Josh have been amazing.  It is almost like I prepared my whole life to be with him.  Sure, we've had our difficulties but we've ended up on top every single time.  We've done it together.  We've become intertwined completely.  There is no single unit anymore.  We have truly become one.  I feel like we've become that symbolic ring we both wear on our fingers.  There is no end and no beginning with us anymore.  We just are. We always have been.

Now, we have a sweet little girl and a baby on the way.  It's almost as if we had so much love between us that it exploded twice into two new entities.  Our love for each other manifested into two other human beings.  That is such a beautiful thing. 

I am truly blessed to be married to Josh.  He has been my rock for so many years and I don't nearly recognize it enough.  He is my provider and care taker.  He is my calm when I find myself in the storm.  The Lord blessed me with a level headed husband because he knew that I am capable of being an emotional wreck and that I would need somebody to hold the compass and lead the way.