Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am so thankful for Teagan's best friend, Matilda! She is such an adorable and sweet little one! If you've read the blog for a little while you know that Teagan and Matilda "Tilda" share the same birthday! Teagan is a mere 2 hrs older! Matilda has been a blessing for Teagan and Matilda's mom, Tara, has been a blessing to me! It's nice when you click with your child's best friends parents! There aren't many days during the week where she and I haven't shot a txt or a message to each other about something.  Teagan and Matilda have reached each of their major milestones within days of each other so it's been nice to have somebody to bounce stuff off of when it comes to these things!
Even though Teagan and Matilda get to see each other every day during the week we like to try and get them together outside of school.  This Saturday we had the chance! Matilda and Tara came over to the house for a playdate! It was so much fun! The girls loved seeing each other.  Teagan was saying "Tilda, Tilda" all morning and the look on her face when they pulled in the driveway was priceless!
The girls played in the house then got on their swimmy diapers and played in/around the pool and then came in for a good PB&J (hello, homemade strawberry jelly made by Grandma!) and then played until a little after 12.  At that point both girls were well beyond exhaustion and so Tara and Matilda headed home.  It was such a great morning! We can't wait to do it again!

Oh, yes! Of course there are pictures! Be cautious though. Like I said before.  The sweetness surpasses a chocolate cupcake with extra icing and sprinkles!