Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to normal? We sure hope so!

To say last weekend was a nightmare would be an understatement.  Poor sweet Teagan was sick for about 5 days. All day. Every day. And night.  She developed the croup out of nowhere on Friday and we struggled with it until Tuesday.  I have never seen Teagan that miserable.  I don't know that I have been that miserable.
Friday morning when she woke up her breathing was off and she was hoarse but acted like her normal self.  She started running a fever at daycare and then after lunch it went down hill from there.  We headed to the doctor that afternoon and the doctor, who we LOVE, barely had to look at Teagan before she concluded it was the croup.  I just looked at her completely dumbfouned.  The croup? In June? What was I supposed to do to fix it?  I have always had the idea that if Teagan ever got the croup it would be winter.  We would sit in the bathroom and run a steam shower for 10 minutes then run outside in the cold where she would take a deep breath of coolness and feel better.  Did I mention it was June? In NC? Yeah, cold is nowhere to be found at anytime during June. The doc gave Teagan a 3 day steroid treatment (not a fan, it made her throw up some so we gave her 1/2 the dose) to help her breathing and I gave her tylenol to keep the fever at bay and help her feel at least a little more comfortable.  The combo worked half of the time.  The other half my sweet girl didn't want to be put down in any way.  I couldn't even sit down while holding her and occasionally even the walking didn't work.  Let me remind you that I am 24 weeks pregnant.  Walking around for almost 8 hrs with a 26lbs toddler while pregnant is not a cake walk.  We spent most of the weekend both crying.  She would act like she would feel better and then all of a sudden she was miserable again.  I still can't stress to you how miserable she was.  It was like nothing we'd ever experienced with her.
Thankfully it all seems to be back to normal.  She went back to school on Tuesday and we are back in our routine.  I just pray we don't have to deal with the croup again.      

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