Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrift-wearing Thursday

Today Teagan is looking super cute in an outfit that is all thrifted and I love it!

The adorable faces are credited to the "Choo Choo" she heard when we were getting out of the car.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holy freak out mode, Batman!

Okay, I have been convinced up until last night that we were having another girl.  I'd convinced myself I was carrying the same way, that nothing was different and I wouldn't let myself believe otherwise.  There was no way in the world there was a boy growing in my belly. 
I had a "gender" dream that rocked my world last night.  I am now officially convinced we are having a boy. NO, we do not know for sure and we won't until Baby Bear graces us with their presence but I figure I should start researching different things about baby boys.  There is a world of difference between a baby girl and a baby boy and I don't want to go into it uneducated. There is circumcision, pee pee tee pees, involuntary baby boy erections, oh my!
Do you have any hint for us just in case my dream happens to come into fruition and we do have a boy growing in my belly? I am more then willing to hear them!

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Bumps and bruises, oh my!

If Teagan is one thing she is her mother's child.  That includes bumps and bruises and scrapes that turn up out of nowhere. 
Last night while I was fixing dinner Teagan and Josh were playing in the yard.  She recently got a cute little red & yellow "chubby car" from a sweet friend and she loves it! She was trying to get out of it and her feet didn't quite make it out but her head did.  Direct hit to the concrete.  Josh came rushing, not panicking, in to get a "boo-boo pack" with a crying toddler.  I knew she had hit hard when he didn't answer me right away. Luckily it was not as bad as it could have been.  A "boo-boo pack", lots of kisses and snuggles and some Baby Signing Time helped make it better. 
But boy does she have a mark to commemorate the event...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A burden lifted.

The Lord is full of surprises.  The last few weeks I have been praying for the strength and will power to combat the inevitable.  Gestational Diabetes.  I don't even know if I prayed not to have it. I just immediately assumed after my numbers were kind of high at 18 weeks and when I failed the first glucose test that I was going to have to deal with it.  So, I prayed for strength and wisdom to get through it this time.  The Lord was giving me the motivation to find breakfast alternatives to the eggs that I ate every the last 3 mths I was pregnant with Teagan.  I was researching and setting myself up mentally. 
I got the call this morning and I "passed"! I do not have gestational diabetes this time.  I think I scared the nurse on the other end of the phone.  I asked her if she was serious and was she sure she called the right number.  She laughed and said yes.  She told me the numbers were normal. NORMAL people! And I was good to go.  I told her thank you and how excited I was.  She laughed and said she was glad she could make my day.  I told her quickly that she had just made the rest of my pregnancy!
Thank you to those who I know were praying for this result.  I appreciate it so much.  This is just a testament that the Lord is full of surprises.    

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Monday, July 25, 2011

I love my lab tech...

Yes, I just said MY lab tech.  There is a lady in the lab at my OBs office who has needle magic in her fingers and if she is not there when I get there I actually ask for her by name.  Her name is Brenda, by the way.  She has the kind of blood-taking ability that you can't feel! I don't even feel when the needle goes in.  This comes in very handy when I have to get blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours.
Today was my 3 hr glucose test.  Honestly, at this point I feel like it's a technicality for insurance because I know I'll be making my appointment at the diabetes center within days.  They don't have a Brenda.

*sidenote-they do have a Brenda at the diabetes center but she is satan.*

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I don't wear earrings more often.

When I was younger we moved around a lot. I will proudly tell anybody it's because I am an Air Force brat.  Both of my parents served and I say that with enormous pride.  That has nothing to do with the story but anyway.
We lived in SC for about a year and that is the only time I ever really had to ride the bus.  There was a girl on my bus who, in the 2nd grade, would wear dangling earrings all the time.  One day she came on the bus with tape on her ear and no earrings.  She and her sister had been fighting and her sister ripped her earring out! It went all the way through her ear lobe!  Ever since then I've been scared to wear earrings.  Not that I'm going to get into a knock-down drag out with anybody who is going to rip my earrings out but I can't get over it! I thought I could start with small ones and then work my way into the adorable ones that I see and would love to wear but I have a toddler who is just as grabby now as she was when she was a baby and now we have another on the way! Maybe I will venture out when they turn about 5...

Until then here are some cute ones that I've seen and would love to wear:

By ILoveJeans on Etsy.

By Diagrings on Etsy.

By vanistudio on Etsy

By Sarathomas on Etsy

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Wordless Wednesday

Channeling Olivia Newton John...or Papaw!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review: "Goodbye Jimmy Choo"

The whole book review thing kind of went out the window after I found out I was pregnant.  Most nights I was too exhausted to keep my eyes open after putting Teagan to bed.  Recently I've had a bit of energy and decided I would take advantage of it.  I went to the library determined to get a light and easy read and as I was rummaging through the shelves my eye caught the the words "Jimmy Choo".  Hello! Instant attraction.  I pulled the book off the shelf and after reading the back thought it was just what I was looking for.  I was right. 

The Book: Goodbye Jimmy Choo
The Author: Annie Sanders

I've never read anything by Annie Sanders.  I have no idea who she is but I will probably be checking in on other possible works she's created. 
This book is an easy read.  To me it was an "I am woman hear me roar" type book without going over the top.  When faced with hardship the two heroines in this book found their niche and trudged on.  Coming out triumphantly.  I liked the fact they both had children they were taking care of while overcoming the obstacles they were facing.  It really took on the old adage that it takes a village.
The book is based on 2 women who moved from the city and by chance end up friends.  One is an impeccable dresser who could step straight off the pages of Vogue.  The other is looked at as below par by the society women.  Both were moved to the city becasue of their husbands jobs.  Tragedy strikes and the women become instant best friends.  They bring out the strengths in each other and carry each other when their faults overpower them.  They find a future in old recipes and run with it.  It comes down to whether the fame/fortune and working hard to find a balance is worth it or if they should just give in and let somebody else take over. 
I appreciated that the book didn't turn into a romance novel.  There is some sexual tension through a few of the pages but it's not something you would feel naughty reading.  If it had gone there I would have put it down.  I'm not a romance novel girl. 

Overall I would give this book about a B rating.  It is definitely a book you could take on a weekend beach getaway and be done by the time you got home.  It's enjoyable.  It's an easy read.  It's not something that is going to make your head hurt trying to figure out what the characters are feeling.  It is literally laid out for you.  So, if you're heading out on vacation and have a few hours in the car or to lay out on the beach or in a rocking on a back porch then head to the library and check this one out!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Last week of the 2nd trimester. Did I really just type that?

Wow, we've done it.  We have made it, rather successfully, to the 3rd trimester.  Well, on Saturday it will be official.  Right now I guess you can say we are at 27 weeks and a half.  Either way, at the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton , O-M-G! 
I went to the doctor today for the infamous O'Sullivan (glucose) test.  I laughed with Doctor Wicker when I got there and told him they should just give me the 3 hr so we could get on with it.  He told me my gestational diabetes future wasn't so bleak.  He said last time, at the 18 week test, I was at 122 and the cut off was 135 so there was still hope.  Either way it will be okay.  If I don't end up with it then I will look at it as a very pleasant surprise! If I do have it then it will be a huge test of my will power.   

Weight: 16lbs! Far cry from the almost 30 I had gained at this point with Teagan

Clothing: Still in the same clothes that I was 2 or so weeks ago.  I have only gained 2 pounds since my last apointment.  My belly is starting to get bigger because there is an already 2 lb baby growing in there! So, I am on the hunt for shirts long enough for me to wear now that won't swallow me whole after the baby gets here.  I am meeting my bloggy soon to turn real-world friend, Amanda from Miskabelle, on Friday and I plan on dragging her thrifting with me (she doesn't know it yet, hehe)! I am so excited to hug her neck and for Teagan & Aurora to officially meet!

Sleep: Still getting decent sleep.  Not undisturbed because like with Teagan, my hips hurt when I lay on them too long.  Thankfully, I'm still averaging a normal nights sleep. 

Mood:  Pretty much tapered off.  I haven't had a "down" moment in a week or so and I am thankful for that.  When I get too hot, in this lovely NC summer heat, I do get impatient and uncomfortable and a little short-tempered but otherwise I think my mood has been leveling off. 

Cravings: So far so good still.  Occasionally I will have a random wings or milkshake cravings but I've honestly only given into them once or twice.  It's not worth it.  If I eat it now I have to worry about working it off after the baby comes and I don't want to have to worry about it.  If the craving doesn't last more then an hour then I don't give into it.  I do have to be thankful for Josh when it comes to that.  Don't get the wrong idea.  He hasn't restricted me in anyway but he helps me through my cravings because he knows how bad I will beat myself up if I give in.  Sometimes his helping gets him a smart and not so nice remark back but I know he does it out of love and because I asked him to.  I have such a courageous husband. 

I'm feeling a little better about our lack of preparedness for this baby.  Colors for the room have been picked out and the top half of the wall has been painted.  Josh put down wood floors this weekend and will paint the bottom half of the room this week.  Furniture is underway, he makes all the baby's furniture, and so the ball is rolling.  I've come to the point of peace that "stuff" is not everything and as long as we have diapers and a few things of clothes and breastfeeding goes according to plan then we are set. 

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bundle of Nerves

Tonight, Teagan is staying with her Mamaw and Papaw.  She has never stayed away from us.
We've always been the ones to tuck her in and say her night-night prayers with her. 
We've always been the ones to help her say "Night-Night back yard" and pull down the blinds. 
We've always been the ones to give kisses and tell her we love her to the moon and back but Jesus loves her even more. 
We've always been the one who hands her baby and puts her blanket on her and rubs her face for one last I love you. 

Tonight, that will be Mamaw & Papaw.
They will let her run around 15 minutes after she's supposed to go to bed because I said it was okay.  They will hug her and kiss her a thousand times like Mamaws & Papaws should. 
They will say her night-night prayers with her and probably tell their backyard night-night.
They will say her night-night prayers with her.
They will tell her they love her and lay her in her bed. 
They will hand baby to her and cover them both up and then rub her face one last time like Mommy does. 

 To say I'm nervous is an understatement.  I am not doubting the capability of my parents by any stretch.  Because honestly, they are where I got my tucking-in abilities!  I am just fully realizing how hard it is for me to admit that she is old enough to sleep over.  She is no longer a baby.  She is my toddler.  She is growing up so quickly that sometimes it takes my breath away. 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ideas for my BlogHer wardrobe.

Normally I wouldn't be too nervous about dressing for my first official blogging conference.  I would probably be in a pair of skinny jeans, a tank/tee, a cute cardigan and beyond cute shoes.  Add a cute headband and I'd be set.
Problem: I will be 30 weeks pregnant when I am at the conference.  I want to be comfortable as I can be and I want to be cute.  I know it's not about the clothes but really? There are some amazingly fashionable bloggers that I cannot wait to meet and I want to look cute. Can we say 1st day of school nerves?
I have a set of sisters, Manda & Jayme, I have befriended through blogging and twitter who have an Etsy shop where they sell vintage clothing. For Ladies, Mama's to be & Kiddos.  I have found a few cute things that I will probably be purchasing from their store to take from the conference.  Check out their blogs here & here.  
Take a look at this adorable dress!  All it needs is a belt and some cute shoes! How comfortable would this be?!!?

I've also found a few cute "inspiration" pieces that I plan on searching our local Goodwill & thrift stores for.  Although, I probably won't go too far out of my comfort zone and will probably end up at least one day in my skinny maternity jeans, cute flats, a tank/tee and a cardigan.  Look how cute some of this stuff is!

I found this dress at TopShop and think it would be cute for one of the parties!

I also found these cute colored tanks from TopShop:

And these two adorable cardigans from Target:

I will hold true to my statements in previous posts.  I'm not going to be buying a lot of maternity clothes because we plan on this being our last baby so it would basically be a waste of money.  I will, however be buying a couple of things because my belly is starting to grow out of things! I think that is a legitimate excuse! I'm so excited about BlogHer '11!!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dearest Teagan

Dearest Teagan,
It's been a little hard the last few weeks.  You have entered hardcore "tantrum mode".  This is hard for all of us.  Your dad and I want to teach you the best we can.  We want to guide your heart not just your behaviors.  We are ignoring your tantrums.  Honestly, some days it's really hard to ignore because it's easier to just pick you up and do what we're doing with you in arm but we know that isn't going to teach you anything.  I want you to know when we ignore you while you are throwing a fit we still care but we are teaching you that is not the way you get what you want. 
Our goal is to guide your heart because that is the root of everything.  It's pretty easy to alter behaviors.  We could teach a puppy to alter their behavior.  Helping you realize why certain behaviors are acceptable and why others are not is the key to what we are trying to teach you.  That fact is a burden we don't take lightly.  We have been entrusted with you. All of you.  Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.  We love you and only want to do what is best for you. 
I hope you can always realize that Daddy & Mommy love you and we will always do what we think is best for you.  We are all making this jouney together.  We will make just as many mistakes as you but we will learn from them together.

Forever & Always,

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

25 weeks and a vomiting of emotional distress.

I have been beyond slacking in the weekly pregnancy posts but honestly I don't have nearly the time I had when I was pregnant with Teagan to post pictures or even type up how I'm feeling.  So, alas, 8 weeks after my last update here is another.

Clothing: I have 1 pair of maternity shorts and 3 pair of maternity pants that will more then likely last me until October.  The shirts are becoming a little more problematic because of certain areas other then my belly.  I have been wearing more dresses lately, none of them maternity.  I am trying hard to use what I have because this is the last time I will need maternity clothes so I don't want to buy anymore then I have to!

Sleep:  Unless we are camping on hard ground I usually manage about 6-7 hours total.  Now, this sleep is not undisturbed and peacful.  My hips ache a lot and so I do a lot of switching sides.  I am thankful that all the night bathroom trips haven't started yet!

Mood- I have my days.  Most days I am just fine and normal.  Once in a while a dark cloud will start to loom and I will stub my toe while trying to run for cover.  Those are not good days.  I get short-tempered and want to be but don't want to be around people.  I don't like the dark loomy cloud and wish it would go away but I really don't think it will ever leave me forever.  So I will deal and pray hard for guidance when I need to keep it in check. 

Cravings- Still not much of anything.  Most of the time it's still mind over matter with the occasional indulgence of a few oreos.  Oh! And watermelon!!

Exercise: I have been a lazy bum.  This heat is zapping me of any leftover energy I might have had at the end of a normal decent temperature day.  I loaned out my pre-natal yoga dvd and not really sure who to.  I think I need to just order a new one.  Yoga seemed to help a lot last time with the laboring part (before the emergency c-section) and I am hoping it will help all the way through this time.  Not to self: ORDER NEW DVD

Overall this pregnancy has been as easy as my pregnancy with Teagan.  My weight is better and they are estimating around 30 lbs of weight gain.  A far cry from the 50-55lbs I gained with Teagan!  I am still concerned about the gestational diabetes.  I go for my appointment on July 18th and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for it.  I think the gestational diabetes is inevitable.  It's really going to be tough this time though.  I was on a strict regiment last time that will be hard for me to replicate.  I will do my best and that is all I can do.     

I still feel like this pregnancy is a blur.  We are coming on to 14 and a half weeks left until Baby Bear's debut day.  We are not even close to being ready.  The nursery isn't cleaned out.  Colors haven't really been decided.  Furniture was put on hold because some people are mean, dishonest and suck.  The only thing I have is the crib blanket and 2 packs of newborn diapers.  I know we have some "stuff" from Teagan because we didn't go all girly on the big stuff but I still feel like we have nothing.  I haven't bought clothes, no socks, no shoes, no hats, no washcloths, no ANYTHING.  I do think part of it is because we didn't find out what gender Baby Bear is.  I was excited about the surprise aspect of it but "gender-neutral" is HARD.  I feel so unprepared.  It feels like I am standing in a sudden down pour with no umbrella and nowhere to go for cover.  It's coming and I'm not ready. 

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One of those weekends.

Have you ever had one of those holidays where you packed the camera and you were ready to take a thousand pictures but you didn't even get the camera out of the bag? We had one of those holidays this weekend.  Saturday, I have pictures for. A LOT of pictures.  Those will take up an entire post sometime tomorrow. Sunday-Monday there are no pictures but it was an O-M-G good time!  
Sunday we went over to the Heavners for Teagan's first campout! We figured it would be better to try it close to home, or somewhere like home, before we venture out real camping.  We got to the Heavner's around 5ish and let the kiddos play for a little while before we started dinner.  They were hilarious!  Teagan and Miles held many conversations over the course of the evening where we could only imagine the content.  They experimented with Miles' 4-wheeler on and off throught the evening.  Teagan would ride it. Miles would ride it. Then they would both ride it while alternating drivers and holding on for dear life.  After a little while they were both hot and sweaty and wanted to get into the pool.  They had a blast!  After this weekend I'm pretty sure Teagan is water-logged and sun soaked but today was water day at school and of course she loved it!
While Seth, Jeana & Miles' Aunt Joey, who Teagan calls Jo-Jo, finished up dinner Josh and I entertained the kiddos.  They eventually had enough of the pool and wanted to wander around the yard.  Miles wanted to show Teagan the chickens so we went to see them.  Both of the kids were going "Bak bak bak" to the chickens at the same time.  I'm pretty sure the chickens knew exactly what they were saying.  After the chickens got boring we headed back up to the house and they got in the hammock.  This is the only moment I really regret not having the camera and as soon as I told Josh to go get it the kids were over being in the hammock.  It was the sweetest thing ever! They were both in the hammock and just kind of cuddled up to each other; both of them almost asleep. 
After a yummy dinner of grilled pesto-marinated chicken and veggies we sat down to a beautiful and tasty blueberry cobbler, that Jeana made, with vanilla ice cream on the side! Since Jeana made it I let Teagan have a treat and indulge in some of the yumminess.  She devoured it!
After us parents were able to peel our stuffed selves off the patio furniture it was time for teeth brushing and PJ putting on.  I don't think Teagan really knew what to do because it was around 9 o'clock before any of that started.  Her bedtime 97% of the time is 7:30.  She did amazing! After about 10 minutes of whining she went to sleep like a champ and slept like a champ.  She only woke up once and got a little weirded out waking up in a tent but she fell back to sleep like a trooper. 
Let me go on a slight pregnant Mama rant here: when you are 25 weeks pregnant and your hips already hurt when you lay on them too long remember to bring an extra pillow so you can at least get a little sleep. Every body but Addie Bear (Seth and Jeana's "dog") and I got sleep. End of rant.

The next day we went to breakfast and then went swimming at Miles' Papaw & Grambi's house.  Teagan isn't quite the fish Miles is but she is slowly getting there and had a blast!

We are so thankful for good times with great friends and hope to do the same thing next year with Baby Bear in tow!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

I don't remember my Papaw except for the last few months he was alive.  He was very sick after the cancer took over.  Even at 7 I could tell how much pain he was in.  It was heartbreaking, even to a 7 year old, to see somebody in that much pain.  Especially when it's somebody you love.  I remember the day he passed on.  My mom and my aunt sent my cousin and I off with our other set of cousins and we went on an adventure.  We went down to this river/creek where we got to climb over rocks and soak each other with splashes.  We came back from a fun, sun-soaked day to sadness and tears.  Everything I've heard, from anybody, has been amazing about my Papaw.  He was a preacher, a God-fearing man.  He had impecable ethics and I can only imagine what I would have learned from him growing up.  I do get sad when I think about what all these years might have been like with him.
I do appreciate the perspective it brings me when looking at Teagan and my dad's relationship.  It's made me even more grateful for my dad and his already great relationship with Teagan.  You see, I'm blessed with a God-fearing man for a father and so Teagan inherits him as a Papaw.  There lies the blessing.  I am excited to see what she will learn from him and how she will grow.