Monday, July 25, 2011

I love my lab tech...

Yes, I just said MY lab tech.  There is a lady in the lab at my OBs office who has needle magic in her fingers and if she is not there when I get there I actually ask for her by name.  Her name is Brenda, by the way.  She has the kind of blood-taking ability that you can't feel! I don't even feel when the needle goes in.  This comes in very handy when I have to get blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours.
Today was my 3 hr glucose test.  Honestly, at this point I feel like it's a technicality for insurance because I know I'll be making my appointment at the diabetes center within days.  They don't have a Brenda.

*sidenote-they do have a Brenda at the diabetes center but she is satan.*

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