Friday, July 15, 2011

Bundle of Nerves

Tonight, Teagan is staying with her Mamaw and Papaw.  She has never stayed away from us.
We've always been the ones to tuck her in and say her night-night prayers with her. 
We've always been the ones to help her say "Night-Night back yard" and pull down the blinds. 
We've always been the ones to give kisses and tell her we love her to the moon and back but Jesus loves her even more. 
We've always been the one who hands her baby and puts her blanket on her and rubs her face for one last I love you. 

Tonight, that will be Mamaw & Papaw.
They will let her run around 15 minutes after she's supposed to go to bed because I said it was okay.  They will hug her and kiss her a thousand times like Mamaws & Papaws should. 
They will say her night-night prayers with her and probably tell their backyard night-night.
They will say her night-night prayers with her.
They will tell her they love her and lay her in her bed. 
They will hand baby to her and cover them both up and then rub her face one last time like Mommy does. 

 To say I'm nervous is an understatement.  I am not doubting the capability of my parents by any stretch.  Because honestly, they are where I got my tucking-in abilities!  I am just fully realizing how hard it is for me to admit that she is old enough to sleep over.  She is no longer a baby.  She is my toddler.  She is growing up so quickly that sometimes it takes my breath away. 

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