Monday, July 18, 2011

Last week of the 2nd trimester. Did I really just type that?

Wow, we've done it.  We have made it, rather successfully, to the 3rd trimester.  Well, on Saturday it will be official.  Right now I guess you can say we are at 27 weeks and a half.  Either way, at the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton , O-M-G! 
I went to the doctor today for the infamous O'Sullivan (glucose) test.  I laughed with Doctor Wicker when I got there and told him they should just give me the 3 hr so we could get on with it.  He told me my gestational diabetes future wasn't so bleak.  He said last time, at the 18 week test, I was at 122 and the cut off was 135 so there was still hope.  Either way it will be okay.  If I don't end up with it then I will look at it as a very pleasant surprise! If I do have it then it will be a huge test of my will power.   

Weight: 16lbs! Far cry from the almost 30 I had gained at this point with Teagan

Clothing: Still in the same clothes that I was 2 or so weeks ago.  I have only gained 2 pounds since my last apointment.  My belly is starting to get bigger because there is an already 2 lb baby growing in there! So, I am on the hunt for shirts long enough for me to wear now that won't swallow me whole after the baby gets here.  I am meeting my bloggy soon to turn real-world friend, Amanda from Miskabelle, on Friday and I plan on dragging her thrifting with me (she doesn't know it yet, hehe)! I am so excited to hug her neck and for Teagan & Aurora to officially meet!

Sleep: Still getting decent sleep.  Not undisturbed because like with Teagan, my hips hurt when I lay on them too long.  Thankfully, I'm still averaging a normal nights sleep. 

Mood:  Pretty much tapered off.  I haven't had a "down" moment in a week or so and I am thankful for that.  When I get too hot, in this lovely NC summer heat, I do get impatient and uncomfortable and a little short-tempered but otherwise I think my mood has been leveling off. 

Cravings: So far so good still.  Occasionally I will have a random wings or milkshake cravings but I've honestly only given into them once or twice.  It's not worth it.  If I eat it now I have to worry about working it off after the baby comes and I don't want to have to worry about it.  If the craving doesn't last more then an hour then I don't give into it.  I do have to be thankful for Josh when it comes to that.  Don't get the wrong idea.  He hasn't restricted me in anyway but he helps me through my cravings because he knows how bad I will beat myself up if I give in.  Sometimes his helping gets him a smart and not so nice remark back but I know he does it out of love and because I asked him to.  I have such a courageous husband. 

I'm feeling a little better about our lack of preparedness for this baby.  Colors for the room have been picked out and the top half of the wall has been painted.  Josh put down wood floors this weekend and will paint the bottom half of the room this week.  Furniture is underway, he makes all the baby's furniture, and so the ball is rolling.  I've come to the point of peace that "stuff" is not everything and as long as we have diapers and a few things of clothes and breastfeeding goes according to plan then we are set. 

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