Friday, November 19, 2010

Sponsor highlight: Tiny Prints

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Tiny Prints.  They asked if I would be interested in having them as a sponsor for Teagan Tales.  They also put an offer of Christmas cards on the table so how could I say no?  It took me a few weeks of going through their incredible selection of Christmas cards a few times before I was able to narrow it down and finally pick our Christmas card.  I had to make sure to pick the perfect one for us.  Afterall, this was going to be Teagan's first Christmas card! It had to rock!!  The amount of choices might seem overwhelming at first but they have a cool tool on the side where you can narrow the search parameters by color, size, number of pictures, etc so it isn't as overwhelming as it might seem to be at first glance.
I finally picked the Hidden flowers card for us and decided to put Teagan all over it because Josh and I are not fans of having our pictures taken.
Shipping was quick even with standard shipping.  I checked the door everyday until it came and then when I saw the little box on our porch that said Tiny Prints I let out a little squeal and told Teagan excitedly that our Christmas cards were here!  She was very excited to play with the proof and the box while I looked over the cards excitedly.
I cannot wait to address them and write a little note on the back.  I also can't wait until Christmas so I can "send" the Christmas card to all of you! It is beyond adorable! 

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