Monday, November 29, 2010

Dearest Teagan

Dearest Teagan,
Well, kiddo, you turned 10 months 2 days before Thanksgiving. I've been waiting on "that month" where everything changes, where you grow more, learn more and do more. You've been pretty steady in your progression and development.  You've not really had any "BAM, all of a sudden" moments since you've been born.  Sure you've hit a growth spurt or two (not many more then two) but you've just been a steady above average developer.  Well, Little Bear, month 9 was a doozy! You hit the ground running and haven't really stopped!  About a week into your 9th month you decided that creeping, or "lazy crawling" as your daddy and I call it, wasn't enough and you realized you could go faster if you actually used your legs to crawl.  You decided that just standing up wasn't fun enough so you started to cruise on basically everything.  In the recent days you stood up from squat position to standing and stood frozen for a few seconds, you've also stood for lots of seconds by yourself after mommy lets you go while you're standing.  You have attempted the stairs a few times but your legs are still a little short and you can't quite get over the first one.  I have a feeling once you figure that out the baby gate will immediately have to go up.  There will be no stopping you at that point.  A few of your favorite things are cabinet doors, the oven drawer and the drawers to your dresser.  Your love of the oven drawer made it difficult on Thanksgiving when I was trying to cook the turkey and you wanted in your drawer.  Your daddy did a pretty good job keeping you out of the kitchen but sometimes you were so insistent and determined that you would slip by and then  yell at me and give me mean looks when I took you out of the kitchen.  Thanksgiving went pretty good.  You visited with everybody but refused to take a nap.  Well, refused until it was time to sit down and actually eat.  Silly Bear.  You went and had your first sleepover with Miles David the Friday after Thanksgiving.  You did great! You two were adorable playing together and your Aunt Jeana and I vowed to have more sleepovers and playdates for you two.  We all went together to get our Christmas trees and you two were troopers in the cold and when your parents needed pictures of you in your Santa hats... 
You have started to sprout your first two teeth. I've been anxious in waiting on these boogers.  Wondering when they would come, how much pain you would be in and what I would do when they started to come in.  They haven't quite broken through yet and you've taken it like a trooper.  You haven't been especially fussy or out of the ordinary.  A few runnier then usual diapers ( I know you'll think TMI, mom, when you read this) but no other real signs other then pearly whites showing through and drool. A lot of drool.
Little Bear, I anxiously wait for Christmas with a new excitement this year.  I've been pretty apathetic for the last few year in regards to any holiday.  I really could have cared less about my birthday to be honest.  This year I am excited for everything.  I even started decorating and listening to Christmas music in November.  Something I have NEVER done. My entire life.  You've brought the twinkle back to my eyes and the warmth back into my heart.  I am excited to see these holidays through your eyes.  I anticipate I will be more excited about your holidays then you will be for at least a year or two but I am okay with that.  I will willingly be the bringer of excitement with your daddy right beside me.  Even he has an extra sparkle this year Little Bear.  He even put icicle lights up on the house just for you this year! You've brought us more joy in 10 months then you will ever know.  You never cease to make us happier then we've ever been.  You were what we were thankful for at Thanksgiving and I can't wait to share Christmas with you. 

I love you with all my heart.  I love you to the moon and back.  I love you as deep as the sea and as high as the sky. 

Love Forever and Always,

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