Sunday, November 28, 2010

Apple, my Ipod and Itunes. Disappointed.

I didn't run today.  I needed to run but I didn't.  As you all know I am training for a half marathon in December.  I have faithfully trained and am working my butt off to complete this race.  Today, for the third or fourth time my Ipod or Itunes decided to throw a road block in my way.  My Ipod decided it wanted to not cooperate.  Itunes would not recognize it and it also wouldn't allow me to restore it to factory settings.  It was if my Ipod didn't exist in Itunes land.  I use my Ipod and the Nike-Run to figure out my mileage and my time when running.  This is a necessary part of my training.  Plus I run much better to music.  Yes, I could have ran today without my Ipod.  Yes, I could have "mapped my run" online but I have a short memory and would have forgotten all the little side road I have to take to get a high number of miles.  So, I wrote a letter to Apple.  After typing my letter and hitting submit I got the standard " nobody will personally answer your letter but we care" response and so I decided to type up my frustrations on here.  I don't have a large viewing but I have cherished and faithful blog followers that read.  I just wanted to share my frustrations with you all.  Here is my open  letter to Apple.  You have probably lost a customer. 

Dear Apple,

I am very disappointed right now.  I have had my (2nd) Ipod nano for going on 2 years now.  I run with it and I utilize the Nike software for it when running.  I am usually happy with it.  The last two weeks my Ipod has gone crazy.  The last two weeks have been very important to me and my training.  Every time I go to run & plug it in just to make sure everything is up to date it decides to not recognize my Ipod.  Itunes basically says the Ipod is not found.  I am training for a half marathon and need to train.  I also find the distance calculator on my Nike Run a necessity.  It is very inconvenient when I cannot run with my Ipod.  I have restored it and it didn't want to restore. This is my second Ipod and the last one stopped charging fully after around 2 years.  Have you decided to put a 2 year life span on your products so people will constantly have to purchase new? Well, this is probably my last Ipod.  I refuse to have to buy a new product every two years.  The economy is rough and money is tight and therefore I can't afford to spend money on a product I assumed would be lasting me more then two years from a company I thought I could trust. 

A disappointed customer,
Rici Reid