Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello, Saturday.

Well, we officially have a mobile and adventurous 9 month old.  She has always been on target developmentally but she was just content doing the easy stuff.  She wasn't up for much of a challenge.  Within the past week or two she has just hit go mode and she has taken off.  I am amazed on a daily basis at how smart Teagan is.  Just watching her inspect and study and learn so much makes me want to take it all in with an innocence and curiosity and need to learn like her.  She sees everything as new and exciting and scary because for her it is all of those things.  Right now, I'm not sure how much is scary to her because it is as if she has no fear.  I honestly think she would crawl off the (our) bed if we would let her.  And we have a VERY high bed.
Here are just a few of the new things she has started doing in the past week:
*crawling at the speed of light
*pulling up on everything she can reach and even stuff she can't
*attempting to stick her finger in a light socket
*smashing her fingers in her bottom dresser drawer
*eating finger foods and attempting to eat things that aren't food
*cruising and trying to reach from one thing to another
*trying to climb up stairs.  She is still a little too short to climb the stairs but boy was she trying!
*she HATES getting her diaper changed...she literally squirmed away from me today with poop ALL OVER her bottom.  That was NOT fun...

There are new things, good and some not so exciting, happening everyday.  I can only imagine what is in store next.  Teagan just amazes me everyday with the things she is learning and how her personality is starting to develop.  I think she is going to have an engineering mind like her daddy.  Everything she plays with or sees she has to inspect first.  She inspects every angle of it to see how it works and how it's put together and how it might fit with something else.  I find myself just wanting to watch her play because it amazes me to see the learning process in such a raw and remarkable state.  I can only hope she continues to love to learn.  I never want her to reach a point in her life where learning gets boring to her.  I want her to gain knowledge in everything she loves and accept that she needs to know some of the stuff she doesn't love as well.  I hope Josh and I can instill a "yearning for learning" (yeah, cheesy, I know) in her.

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