Saturday, November 20, 2010

My morning off.

Well, as I type this I am sitting in bed listening to the sounds of Iron & Wine and a basically quiet house.  This morning I got up with Josh at the usual time of 6:30am but this time the reason was different.  We weren't going to work and we weren't going anywhere together.  I got up for the sole purpose of getting Teagan ready to go visit with her Grandma while Josh and Grandpa worked on the farm.  It was an odd feeling.  I basically did everything I normally do in the mornings.  I went downstairs and fixed her food but this time I labeled and placed lids on it.  I fixed her a sippy cup/bottle (what she doesn't finish in the cup she gets in the bottle, almost bottle free!).  I put the correct amount of puffs for her snack in the container and then put all of the above in her "lunch box".  Josh got her from her crib (she was standing and bouncing and laughing) and brought her down for morning mommy kisses and played with her until it was time for me to get her dressed.  *sidenote-you might be asking why Josh wasn't getting her ready while I was fixing her food, etc. basically he knows I love to get her ready in the mornings so when we don't have to tag team I get to do what i love* I swooped her from her daddy's arms and we "raced" upstairs so I could get her dressed.  This morning she played with her shoes while I dressed her and explained to her what was going to happen.  I told her Grandma had pulled out some of her Aunt Livy and Aunt Kristina and Daddy's toys from when they were her age so she could play with them.  I told her how excited Grandma and Grandpa were to see her.  I told her Mommy wouldn't be coming but I would see her very soon just like at "school".  As soon as she was dressed and all packed it was time to go.  I gave her kisses and hugs and her daddy put her in the car seat.  I gave her a few more kisses and hugs and told her I loved her and would see her soon.  Then they were gone.  It was definitely an odd mixture of feeling excited and relieved and sad and empty all at the same time. 
The plan for me this morning is not to clean.  It's not to cook or iron.  I have been given the "morning off" and I am selfishly going to take it.  I am going to take a long shower.  I am going to take the time to actually fix my hair (even though you'll see why this is pointless in a minute).  I am going to dress in my running clothes and then I am going to see Harry Potter by myself.  I have never been to the movies by myself but I will be buying a popcorn and a large drink and maybe something chocolate and I will sit there and be completely focused on the movie.  After the movie I will get something to eat and maybe run to Target to pick up a few things.  Then I get to go home and run. Run until my legs decide to stop me.  I've downloaded some new tunes this morning and it's a beautiful day and I can't wait to run! This would be why taking a shower and actually fixing my hair is a silly thing because I will sweat and have to take another shower because we have somewhere to be this evening. 
Anyway, I hope you all have a great day because I'm excited to go start mine!  Happy Saturday!