Sunday, January 8, 2012

Genesis 16:13

We are teaching Teagan a Bible verse every month.  I talked about it earlier and promised to keep you posted on progress.  Here was how the first night went.

*I wrote the verse on the mirror and was reading it off to her and having her repeat it before brushing her teeth*

Me: Teagan can you say this Bible verse? You.
Teagan: You.
Me: are
Teagan: are
Me: the
Teagan: Teagan
Me: the
Teagan: the
Me: God
Teagan: Gawd
Me: who
Teagan: Teagan
Me: who
Teagan: Teagan
Me: who sees.
Teagan: who sees.
Me: Genesis
Teagan: Gensisis
Me: 16:13
Teagan: 16:13

It was so cute and I was so very proud of her.  We've made up a little song that basically repeats the verse three times and then what verse it is at the end.  We've worked on it for three days and see can say it by herself if we ask her to say her Bible verse.  We're not going to start a new one just yet but we might be looking at two a month! We're so proud of her!