Thursday, January 19, 2012

The scale.

I've had a struggle with weight most of my teenage and adult life.  I've never been classified as overweight medically.  I've really technically never been overweight, although there have been significant times in my life where even at my smallest I felt as if I weighed 8,000 pounds.  In my struggles with my weight I swore to Josh that when Teagan got old enough to get on the scale we would no longer have a scale.  We've reached that point.  It makes me anxious to my core.
This morning after I weighed myself Teagan started "Teagan do it! Teagan do it!".  I let her stand on the scale, because at this point she doesn't really know what it does.  She just knows that when she stands on it numbers pop up.  After her numbers popped up she looked at me with her inquisitive toddler face and I told her the scale said she was super healthy!  She smiled, got off and then wandered off to our bedroom. 
 I think the time has come to retire the scale.  Honestly, I think it is going to be the equivalent of what I felt when we went skydiving.  Terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.  Maybe liberating is more the word.  I will not live with my ankle tied to that scale ever again.  Neither will Teagan and Kyra.  They will grow up surrounded with positive thoughts and with a focus on healthy bodies.  I will grow up surrounded with positive thoughts and a focus on a healthy body.  
So, the scale is gone. Goodbye, scale.