Saturday, January 28, 2012

No heat curl.

Ya'll I finally tried it.  The infamous "no heat curl". It was easier then I'd ever imagined and with a little tweaking on my part it will be a staple in my "go to" hair tool box.  You know, the box that until now has only had the ponytail and lazy bun in it?
The only problem for me was my hair takes to anything. I mean anything. That's a good thing, right? WRONG.  I can have my hair in a ponytail for 5 minutes and it makes a permanent, until washed, crinkle. Super annoying.  So, as you can imagine the amount of curls that formed in my hair was a bit overwhelming.  I was channeling Shirley Temple.  Perhaps next time I won't wrap so tight or for so long...

*If you want to try this look out I found an easy vlog from The Paper Mama on how to do it!*

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