Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our charge as parents.

I've talked before about how Josh and I are believers in Christ.  We are professing Christians and we do not in any way shy away from it.  Honestly, I should proclaim it much more then I do, something I plan on doing more in 2012.  Not in the screaming "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL IF" kinda way but in the if you ask, I will most certainly tell. 
Anyway, we've been looking at easy ways to introduce Jesus, God and the Bible more and more to Teagan and Kyra.  Teagan is at the age where she is a sponge.  The kind that sops up water quicker then you can pour it.  I came across a blog on Pinterest that had some easy to learn Bible verses for toddlers. I think this is going to be something we start with Teagan.  Kyra isn't, obviously, quite old enough for it but I feel like she'll catch on pretty quickly when the time comes. 
The game plan is going to be starting out learning one a month.  If Teagan starts catching on quicker, which I think she might, then we will learn more then that.  We will stay at a slow pace and not shove it down her throat.  We're going to make it fun and not make it a burden for her.  It will also help keep Josh and I accountable in our walk.  Just to make it even more fun for her we might enlist the help/participation of her two best pals Matilda and Miles David...Jeana? Tara?

The first one we plan on teaching Teagan is Gen 16:13 "You are a God who sees".  If you'd also like to join in with us let us know! The more kiddos learning scripture the better!