Monday, April 29, 2013


It's funny how humility works.  You ask for it but until it comes, I don't know that we ever really realize what we're asking for.  I know I didn't.
You remember this post and this post, when I talked about how the Lord was working in my heart by way of humility?  Well, I was given an opportunity to test this new found attribute, if that is even the right word for it.  I have been going to praise and worship practice on Mondays.  This is quite possibly one of my favorite times of the week.  I get to spend an hour or more with others who love Jesus and love music equally, if not more, than I do.  It's fantastic.
Last week I got a text from our worship leader asking if I would be willing to sing this past Sunday.  After a few moments of hesitation, I replied with a sure.  Practice went pretty well and I continued to pray for a humble heart all week.  Funny how things work out.  Sunday came...I could barely breathe out of my nose and I couldn't hear at all out of my left ear.  We adjusted speakers and I did the best I could.  The first service was all me.  I was anxious because of the circumstances and self-conscious of how I sounded.  I was not being humble, I felt an extreme sense of fear of man, and if my heart had been humble, it would not had mattered.  I was up there to praise Jesus and help people see it's okay to lift our hands with our voices.  Between services, I prayed for a heart change.  Thankfully, a sense of peace and humbleness came over me.  I was not there to show off any talent I might have, I was not there for myself, I was there to praise Jesus and help people see it is okay to lift our hands with our voices.  The second service I was calmer and much more at peace.
Do I think I could have done better? Yes ( you don't realize how much you really need your breath until you don't have enough of it).  Was I nervous? Yes.  But, in the end, it would have gone a lot smoother if I had just given in and handed my heart over to Jesus the second I walked through that door.  Lesson learned, Lord.  Lesson learned.

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Rainy day weekends.

This weekend was spent trying to keep all four of us from going stir crazy. PetSmart, book store, brownies and a princess movie kept us going. Along with church, rain walks, and dress up.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birds. Flowers. Grass. Community.

This morning while doing my quiet time I was reading through Matthew 6:25-34 (using the She Reads Truth plan).  Just reading through I was in awe of how He cares for us.  Then, I came to a realization in this passage that I never have until now.  This is what I wrote in my journal.

He has us.  He will make sure our needs are met.  Often we, as Christians, replace that word NEED with WANT.  Our Father is not going to spoil us materially-new car, new wardrobe, credit card with no limits or repercussions.  He will provide us with what we need.  Just like the birds, flowers, grass.  Food. Shelter. Water. Clothing. Community.  I never thought until this morning about the community aspect of this passage but think with me.  He talks of the birds-who live and fly in community with one another.  He talks of grass and flowers, and while  I have seen a single flower, I have never seen a single blade of grass unless it has been plucked away.  Our God shows us all throughout the Bible how we are to live with each other in community.  Building each other up and calling each other out with love.
In light of the tragedy that struck yesterday in the town of Boston, community is needed now.  Believer. Unbeliever.  Prayers, helping hands, love, and community.
Please join me in praying for the people of Boston.  Those who have their lives there and those who were welcomed so graciously by the people of Boston to run the marathon or support those running.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just a few pictures.

Life is currently going at full blast.  There isn't much time to "fun write" because I'm finishing up school (May 10th cannot come soon enough) but I thought I would at least share some pictures with you all to tide you over.  Caution: there is some extreme cuteness and sassiness to follow.

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