Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cleveland County Fair!

We were so excited to take Teagan to the fair this year. She couldn't ride the rides or play the games but she was so excited to see the animals and just people watch! We tried out our Seven sling and loved it for the most part! I also ran into another random mommy (getting BBQ) that had the exact same sling as us and she loved hers too! The only issue we had with it was we had to readjust a lot but I think that was mostly because Teagan kept squirming around trying to see everything. I liked it more in this case then our Baby Bjorn because she was to my side and not my front and I feel like I have more control over other people's access to her on my side. We had some great BBQ at the fair and I had the best lemonade I've ever had in my life there. It was fresh squeezed and a cup full of goodness.

Before we went to the fair we stopped of at Josh's parents house so Josh could help vaccinate the cows (yes, Teagan's grandparents live on a farm) and Teagan could spend some time with them. Teagan had a blast playing with her grandparents & Nick (the dog)!
*a lot of pictures to follow*