Thursday, February 2, 2012


We're a few days late on this post but life with 2 is crazy!

Weight-12.1 lbs
Height-25 inches long. Yeah, you read that right. My 3mth old is 25 inches LONG!
Diapers-still in size 1
*still hates to be wet and has started a more then crazy pooping schedule (that one is for you, Manda Nan).  Her current record is 13 days with no poop. For a breastfed baby it's "normal" so, no real worries.
*loves looking at the light and at fans and all things shiny.  Her favorite thing to look at and watch is Teagan though.  She loves her big sister.
*kyra isn't much of a talker.  She has a tendency to be a quiet little observer but oh boy, when she has an opinion we all hear about it!
*even though she doesn't talk a whole lot her smiling makes up for it.  She shares those gummy smiles with us all the time.  It makes us all melt. 
*the hiccups have finally started letting up.  Now we're down to a few times a week instead a few time a day.
*loves taking baths.  She really loves playing with Teagan.  I can't imagine what she is going to be like when she can be in the real bathtub and not in the baby bath IN the big tub.
*has started rolling to her sides.  I still swaddle her at night but I have a feeling when we stop swaddling her she will be a side sleeper.
*kyra still HATES the car seat.  The ride home most days are off the chain.
*she has finally taken to her paci. THANK YOU LORD.
*she eats anywhere from 3-5 hours (usually 3) during the day.  She is sleeping 9-11 hours at night but we're hitting our first official growth spurt so there is a little break in the consistent sleeping pattern but I think we'll be back to normal soon. 
*kyra is still a champion cat napper.
*her head control gets better and better everyday.  When pulled up from a sitting position she keeps her head steady.
*nursing has had its ups and downs.  I think the whole only pooping  7-14 days plays a part.  For about 3-4 days after she poops she rocks the nursing but as we go on the feedings get worse.  I have to walk and dance around just to keep her latched.  We have a call into a lactation consultant. I will not give up without a fight.

We are continuing to adjust to our new normal.  Most days it feels like Kyra has always been in our lives.  That is how perfectly she fits into our family. 

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