Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest inspired.

I've been struggling with Kyra's room a little bit.  Josh is making shelving and her bedding is adorable but I don't want just anything in there.  With Teagan I have slowly added pieces as her personality has shown through.  I want to do the same with Kyra.  But it the plainness of her room started to annoy me and I started searching.  I was looking through Pinterest a few weeks ago on my Mommy's Day in and found it.  I knew I had to do this to Kyra's room.  So, we did.  I have to say, I love it so much it probably won't be the last time this idea makes its way into our home!

It was actually very easy.  I just bought wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them the same color as Kyra's walls, well the top half, and Josh nailed them to the wall above Kyra's crib.  I need to do a little touch up where the nail holes are but that is it! I did the painting in a day, they dried and Josh hung them the following evening.