Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reading my Bible like a children's Bible.

Teagan and Kyra have a few Bible's between them.  One of the latest ones they have acquired is one I found at a consignment store.  Practically brand spankin' new.  It needed some toddler-baby love so we brought it home with us.  It's the "My Favorite Bible". 
There is something really neat about this Bible.  The words jump off the page at you.  Not literally of course, but they have used different sized text, bolded text, italicized text, etc to emphasize certain points in the passage. 
It got me thinking about how I should read my own Bible.  My friend, Alison, said she has started occassionally reading the Bible outloud.  Emphasizing certain parts, like when GOD speaks.  That is exactly what this Bible does.  When Josh and I read to Teagan and Kyra we do so with voices that emphasize certain parts.  We do that so those particular things stick.  Alison does it so the words become even more emphasized and impactful. 
This is something I might have to start doing myself.  Whatever it takes to push the WORD deeper in my heart and in my head.  Oh the things we learn from our children...