Saturday, September 10, 2011

Did that really just come out of your mouth?

We have never spoken "baby talk" to Teagan. We have always spoken to Teagan as if she is an adult.  I think doing this has really paid off.  Within the last month or so Teagan has started on 3 word sentences.  Josh and I are constantly amazed at what comes out of her mouth! We are so proud of her and pray she continues to learn at the rate she does and continues to have the love of learning that she seems to have had the last 19 mths. 

Some of Teagan's common words and phrases: YUP (her all time favorite word), NO (her second all time favorite word), please, more please, eat eat, nanny (banana), milk, cheese, bread, water (wadda), bowl, cup, Amen, daddy's water, mommy's water, daddy "dink" milk, mommy "dink" milk, (seeing a trend here?), Daddy go work, Teegee (thanks to Matilda "Tilda" for that sweet nickname) go "skooo", nigh-nigh, baby, waddle-waddle (her penguin), book, Daddy do "knock-knock" (when Josh uses the hammer), Daddy go "beep-beep" (Daddy's going in his car) or Mommy go "beep-beep", Mamaw, Papaw, Buddy (I have an Uncle Buddy), Tilda (Her bff Matilda), Boz (her Aunt Kristina & Uncle Matthew's dog), Nick-Nick (gpa & gma's dog), Addie (Miles David's "dog/sister"), Miz (Miles), potty, bath, peace, ice-ice baby, elbow , knee, shoes, foot, eyes, noz (nose) and there are actually quite a few more that I probably should be better at keeping up with but my brain has run out of memory right now!

It's kind of bittersweet actually.  The idea that my sweet baby girl is no longer a baby.  She is talking and "reading" and becoming quite the independent toddler.  I was looking back at my Teagan in my belly maternity pictures and it brought tears to my eyes.  We have been so blessed with Teagan and now we are soon to be greeted with Baby Bear and we get to do it all over again. My cup is pouring over...