Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Checking Up!

How far along: 36 weeks
Weight gain: 28lbs total (Hello, far cry from the 70+ I gained with Teagan)
Baby's size: 5 1/2 lbs or so right now.  Doc is estimating a 7 1/2-8lb baby
Sleep: Still able to get a full nights sleep. Occasionally I will get up once during the night but for the most part I'm sleeping pretty regularly.  Thank goodness!
Clothes: I haven't bought anything new. Still truckin' along and getting creative.  Mostly I have 4 outfits on rotation because I refuse to buy new clothes at this point.
Baby movement: Quite the rolly-polly! This baby really likes to knead my internal organs with their hands. Quite an odd sensation. 
Baby position: Head down and face down.  Let's just hope Baby Bear stays that way!
Cravings: random things that I haven't given into for the most part (thanks to my husband). This is definitely part of the reason I have only gained 28 lbs at 36 weeks. But, I won't lie, I did eat 8 Oreos and milk the other day at lunch...And OMGoodness NOM NOM NOM!!
Labor signs: The occasional "real" contraction mostly brought on by being overly tired or stressed. The Braxton-Hicks have definitely been getting stronger. Neither have been "productive". We are still "high & tight" as the doc puts it.
Inie or Outie: I actually have a little outie this time because of how Baby Bear is positioned. Not enough to be a full blown outie but it's there!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday to check the size of baby.  The game plan was to see how big the baby is now and see if we were going to have to schedule a c-section or if we were just going to let it play out.  Thankfully, Baby Bear is only around 5 1/2 pounds right now and Dr. W doesn't think she/he will get over 8lbs.  This means we are just going to let it play out.  So, thankfully, there is no planned c-section and the waiting game begins.  I am so excited about this! I told myself I wasn't going to stress and I wasn't going to get worked up but I have to admit I would have been a little disappointed if we had to have scheduled a c-section yesterday.  Now, if we do get to the point where a c-section becomes necessary then so be it.  The only reason that would be would be that baby doesn't drop or we get to the point they would need to medically induce.  Dr. W told me we would try everything to prevent having to do another c-section.  It was nice to hear.  It was also nice to hear the comment he made about me being one of his more reasonable patients.  I'm okay with just going with the flow. I only want whats best for me and for the baby.  However we manage to get there.  

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