Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Doctor's appointment.

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday, Baby Bear and I.  I came out with a huge smile.  It was quite the polar opposite of our last appointment.  The last appointment I left feeling defeated and like I had tried so to keep the weight down for nothing. The idea of a VBAC seemed like it was slipping away. Then, BAM, yesterday happened. I got to see one of my favorite docs.
The prognosis is great.  Dr. W and I discussed the VBAC option and basically we're playing it like a normal labor UNLESS we have the 36 week ultrasound and Baby Bear looks like he/she is going to be a whopper (basically around Teagan's size- 8lbs 10oz) and then we schedule the c-section.  Which, honestly, Josh and I are both okay with.  Like I've said before I would prefer to be able to deliver naturally but as long as the end result is a healthy baby and healthy mommy then it's okay either way.  So, we are back to an extremely optimistic outlook on this labor/delivery! Hooray!

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