Thursday, September 1, 2011

Settling back in or teeth?

Teagan had quite an August.  Her world was basically thrown into a tailspin.  I was gone for four days and then we went to VT and she was thrown completely off schedule.  Her sleep and her naps mostly happened in the car and her world kind of got turned upside down.  She has spent the last half of August trying to get back on track.  This has been difficult for all of us.
Since we got back from VT Teagan has been crying out at night.  It usually only happens once and she can typically be comforted by Josh or I going in her room and laying our hands on her back or chest.  There was one night I was worried we had started the dreaded night terrors but thankfully that was just a one time occurrence.  I hope.
Then today a runny nose started. A clear runny nose and a little fussiness.  I looked in her mouth (after turning her upside down and tickling her) and think I saw a 2 year molar trying to make it´s way down.  I´m not sure if this has any correlation to the night time crying out or not. 
I hope it breaks through soon because the lack of sleep is getting to me and I feel so bad for her! 

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