Monday, September 19, 2011

In case of emergency...

We are almost to the finish line now but the question lingers: what will we do with Teagan while Josh, Baby Bear and I hang out at the hospital for a few days?
We pretty much have the game plan laid out for every scenario we could come up with. Who will pick her up, who will watch her, where she will stay, etc.  What we haven't had until today was the official stuff done.  Mainly, the medical release.  If something were to happen to me or Josh or both of us while we are at the hospital or on the way there, etc then we need to make sure Teagan is properly taken care of.  If she were to get sick and need to go to the doctor or Heaven forbid the hospital then we need to make sure the ones she is in the care of can actually get her the help she needs. 
There are forms online you can print off.  A few are pretty crappy or try and charge you but that is not necessary.  Just make sure you read all of the information on the form you look for (we are using this one) and please get it notarized.  Getting it notarized is a big deal and will make the form more reliable in the face of an emergency.  Also, make sure you provide all the caretakers with a copy as well as the daycare/school your child is at.
Even if you aren't planning on leaving your child for a few days you never know what could happen.  This is a wise move for everybody to make.  We never know what can happen day to day and we need to make sure our children will continue to get the best care possible even if we aren't the ones giving it. 

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