Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun with Sydney & Bryson!

We were lucky enough to have some of our good friends come stay with us this past weekend! They have a little boy (Bryson) and a sweet baby girl (Sydney). They also came to Tweetsie with us (see previous entry) and we had a blast! We always love to see them and the kids always have such a great time together!

Tweetsie Railroad

Tweetsie Railroad is almost like a rite of passage for a NC kid. Riding "Number 12". I did it. My oldest cousin (who grew up as basically my sister) did it. My mom & my aunt both did it. Now, Teagan has done it and she loved it. She did great at Tweetsie. She laughed as the wind blew through her "hair". She got to see a llama almost bite her daddy's hand off and she didn't even flinch! haha. We also got to share it with some great friends and our moms! So much happened that I figured I'd let the pictures tell the story!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Teagan's Room

So, Josh and I have talked about it and I am excited to say I have the "go ahead" to do what I wanted with Teagan's room. I sketched out something about 2 weeks ago and Josh really liked it! I can't wait until we get started! Lets just say it has to do with a tree, some owls, a "little bear", Teagan's name and some shelves!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

7 month post!!

Weight: 14.3 as of August 2nd ( I think she weighs at least 14.8 now because I can feel the difference in weight)

Height: still holding strong at 25 inches

Diapers size: 2 for now but we are making the transition into cloth diapers at home and so I’m not sure of the number of “snaps” she is on her BumGenius diapers! Haha!

*has started scooting and rolling to where she wants to go

*she does the "on all fours rock back and forth" like a champ

*will stand up all day if you’ll hold her that long!

*there isn’t a food she has tried that she doesn’t love. We are going to start experimenting with spices and odd food combos soon…also, she can start having meat which I feel really weird about pureeing…

*STILL in 3 month clothes.

*talks up a storm all the time. Usually she talks my ears off to and from school and I would much rather hear her tell me her Teagan Tales then listen to the radio any day! We have still yet to hear her utter the word “MaMa” yet…

*has started squealing with delight and I LOVE it when she does!

*has started sleeping on her stomach some which I cringe at but she is fully capable of rolling back over so I’m not as anxious about the SIDS thing at this point.

*she loves to “read” already and devours her board books and any other reading material she can get her hands on!

*we are officially on the market for a high chair. The Bumbo is no longer cutting it.

*as of August 2nd she’s teething…it’s a month later and THERE ARE NO TEETH…so we’re anxiously waiting on those.

Teagan is developing such a personality. Josh and I love watching her grow and learn new things. She constantly amazes us on a daily basis with new things she has learned. I love getting on her level and seeing things as she does. It's amazing how much we take for granted. The look of amazement when we introduce new things to her is priceless. It's so funny that something as simple as the carpet on our living room floor can be so interesting to her. I only wish that watching her learn will keep encouraging Josh and I to learn and experience as much as we can and that when we do we do it through eyes of a child and not a cynical adult.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Blues...7 months later

I've always tried to be pretty honest when writing. This might be one of my most vulnerable posts yet but I have a feeling I'm not the only one who has ever felt this way or will ever feel this way.
I ignorantly thought I had slipped by the baby blues. I didn't. 7 months later they've crept up on me like a burglar in the night. Maybe they've been there all along; bubbling under the surface just waiting to strike an unsuspecting me. Well, they've cracked the surface full on. I'm not suffering from PPD (post partum depression). I don't think it's gotten that bad. I think it might be a mix of baby blues and an identity crisis.
I've lost myself. I've lost my individual identity. I've lost who Rici is or was. Over the last 7 months I've been happy to just be Mommy. Recent weeks have made me wonder where just Rici went. When I was pregnant with Teagan I day dreamed of how balanced I would be as a mommy. I would be an incredible mommy, an exceptional wife, an amazing friend and everything else that I am pulled to be. The last 7 months all I've been is Mommy. I don't even think I've been close to a good wife and I know I've been a mediocre friend. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade Mommyhood for anything. What I'd like to do is find a balance. I've been stuck in a rut and I'm trying to find my way out. I DON'T want to be JUST Rici anymore. I want to be a mommy, a wife and a friend all in one. I want to be good at that and aim for great eventually.

There are a lot of adjustments when you become a mom or a dad. Some adjustments are easy to make because they come naturally and others are not so easy. Adjustments like sleep schedules and the many diaper changes are things that are natural because they HAVE to happen whether you want them to or not. Some adjustments are made naturally and you don't even notice it's happened until somebody comments on it. Some adjustments are made early in the parental process and others are waiting to be made.

Nobody tells you when you are pregnant that your whole world will be rocked. Literally shaken upside down and every way possible. They don't tell you that it will be the best and hardest and sometimes worst time of your life. They don't warn you that if you want to maintain a sense of being a person that you have to work at it. Everybody focuses on the good because they don't want to admit the bad.
Teagan and Josh are my world. Being a mommy has fortunately come fairly easy to me this go round (we're only going for 2 rounds...lol) and I appreciate the blessings. I think to make this even easier I'm going to have to set out time for me. I haven't had a day (even an hour or two) to myself in the last 7 months unless you count work. No, I do not have a horrible husband or horrible family who won't help me, blah blah blah. I have an amazing support system but I won't let them be that. I've taken it all on and won't ask for help or let somebody watch Teagan for an hour or two while I go to the grocery store and that is my fault.
So, here I am, setting a goal. I will try and set out time for myself during the week. Even if it's just 15 minutes a day of sitting in the middle of our bedroom closet reading while Josh plays with Teagan. Who cares if we eat 15 minutes later then normal? I feel like this is a necessary move for a continued healthy and happy family.
If you think me horrible for putting this out there then I'm sorry. I just write what I feel and what is reality in my life. I don't want to sugarcoat because that would be unfair and not what we intend to teach Teagan. So, if you have it all figured out then congratulations and send tips my way but don't judge me or if you do don't tell me because that isn't something I'm going to listen to.

Monday, August 23, 2010

7 months ago

7 months ago you came into our lives...we've loved you more every minute since...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loving these right now....

So, occasionally I take time out of my day to scout things I'd love to be able to have for our house or for Teagan...today was for Teagan (all these were found on the Etsy.com website):

Alphabet Soup

Owl Hat

Flora Hoot

Wooden Owl Shelves

Teagan's room

Well, I've been brainstorming on how to spruce up Teagan's room. It's cute and all but it's a little on the boring side. I sketched something for the wall opposite her crib, showed it to the hubby and it's a go!! We're keeping it under wraps until it gets done though! I'm beyond excited!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Teagan and Miles date night!

We have been blessed to know and be friends with the Heavners as long as we have. It was even better when our babies were born 2 months and a day a part! Now we get to see what kind of trouble they can get into as they grow up
Here are a few pictures of their recent (supervised) date night!

Miles eating apples!! (first time in a restaurant high chair!!)

Teagan reading to Miles!

Trying to get at each other across the table!!

And the Winner is.....

Abbie N!!!
Congrats to Abbie who has a baby on the way! I hope you enjoy the BuiltNY Bib as much as Teagan and I do!
*Random drawing was done courtesy of Teagan, a hat, and balled up paper with names, lol*
Abbie, please e-mail me so I can get your information. I tried to e-mail you but it wouldn't go through. Thanks!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My dearest Teagan

Dearest Teagan,
Today has been a wonderful day and it's not even noon! You woke up this morning cooing and talking and in such a good mood. Your daddy had to leave to help Grandma with farm chores and so you and I cuddled in bed for 45 minutes before we decided to actually get up. After you'd had your breakfast (pears, yummy!) and we got dressed we headed to the Farmer's Market. On the way the thrift store we've tried to go into on several occasions was finally open and so we went in! We got you a lot of goodies for the shelves that will eventually be in your room! Mommy has recently had a really good idea about something for your room but I have to talk it over with your daddy first. Let's just say it has to do with a tree, a few owls and a bear. Anyway, we went to the farmers market but sadly there were no flowers this morning and we didn't really need anything else so we headed back home. Not before Mommy got an iced coffee as a treat to beat the heat that crept up while we were out! When we got back you nursed, Mommy changed clothes and we hit the couch. So far this next part has been the favorite part of the day so far.
When I laid you on my chest you just gazed at me for the longest time. It's almost like you could see exactly what I was thinking; straight to my soul. I was thinking how I've never loved somebody so much in my life like I love you. A mother's love surpasses any bad that could ever be in the world and in that moment there was no bad. Anywhere. Your head moved from side to side as I rubbed your face but you never broke the gaze. All of a sudden your hand started to explore my face; as if trying to memorize it. You moved from my forehead to my eyes to my nose to my mouth and then your hand eventually landed on my cheek. Your hand rested there for about two minutes until your eyes started to roll and close and you gave me that "I have no idea I'm doing this because I'm so sleepy" smile and drifted off to sleep. Your hand never moved from my cheek until you fell into a deep and restful sleep.
As I type this I stare at you and not the screen. You are my inspiration baby girl. You make me want to make the world a better place. You make me want to make the word a safer place. Because someday you'll have a baby on your chest thinking the exact same thing. I want to ensure that it's possible for you. So, my dearest Teagan. I vow to do the very best I can to teach you to be kind and good so that you can make a positive mark on the world one day.

I love you.
Forever and Always,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warm rain and not a storm cloud in sight!

Last night was incredible. It rained. It was warm. There was no thunder. There was no lightning. There was just warm, steady and wonderful rain.
A week or so ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs and Melissa blogged about being able to walk around downtown in the rain with no storms, etc. I was so jealous because on our side of NC we hadn't seen that for a very long time!
Teagan has never been in the rain (without a cover or us rushing her into a building) because in true NC fashion there is tyipcally a storm full of lightning and thunder providing the rain. Last night was different. Josh & I took Teagan out and we danced and walked in the rain and we even let Teagan play in the puddles! After we played in the rain Josh ran up and got a towel so we could dry Teagan off. Then we just sat there on the front porch step and watched and smelled the rain. I hope for many more of those moments where we can just be in that moment as a family. No distractions. No cameras. No cell phones. Just Daddy and Mommy adoring their little girl.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Built NY Comfy Bibs Giveaway!

So, as of right now we are still in the transitioning of disposable diapers to biodegradable diapers (more later) to cloth diapers for Teagan. Huggies is the only brand of disposable diapers that I will use and so I collect "points" from all things Huggies brand for their ENJOY THE RIDE rewards program. I had enough points to redeem them for a bib by a brand I was unfamiliar with so I clicked redeem points...I accidently clicked it twice. So, they sent me two. After trying it out I couldn't keep the second one for myself. I decided to do my very first "giveaway" and give the second one away. Now, the only issue is that it is pink! \

The prize: Built NY Comfy Bib (you can't buy the bib from the website but you can find it on Amazon).

The entry: Comment me your favorite teething remedy and share my blog link with just one person and let me know you did it (honor system here guys & gals). Your entry has to be completed by Friday August 12th at midnight. I will be "drawing" a random winner and will contact the winner via the blog and via e-mail.

Just for fun: here is Teagan modeling "our copy" of the prize

Monday, August 9, 2010

Simpler things...

I’ve gone through many stages in my life in my 26 years. Some of them have been thoughtful and kind and some of them have been selfish and needy. Things used to matter to me. Material things were what I longed for. I wanted the designer shoes and the expensive cars. I wanted the money to never stop and got angry when it did. I wanted to be a Hollywood starlet and famous and went overboard in attempts to do so. I played tug-of-war with a very scary and dark part of myself for many years. When I get my credentials I plan on writing a book in order to help parents of teenagers struggling with what I did see the signs before it gets scary.
My Josh stayed with me through all that. Occasionally he indulged me and gave in to some of the expensive things the best he could or he would eat the last half of my food because it hurt me just to look at it. The greatest things he gave me during those dark times were love and understanding. He was there for me even when I was acting like the child in Wal Mart throwing a temper tantrum or refusing to get out of bed and take a shower. For those of you who don’t know I suffered severely with depression and an eating disorder for years. It went “officially” unnoticed for a very long time but Josh knew because he was down in the trenches with me regardless of what was happening.
These days I look back and appreciate the turmoil I went through (well, we went through) even though it was tough. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want that anymore. I’m just as happy shopping at Goodwill or a thrift store as I would be at Neiman Marcus or Tiffany’s or a fancy boutique. I’m happier with my body now then I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m also healthier then I’ve ever been in my life.
My wants are so much different now then they were before. My mind set has changed. I always knew that I married an “old soul” in an adorably handsome man’s body. I never though that his ways would rub off on me. These days I’d love to move out of our two story house into a one story bungalow type house with a big porch and a porch swing but it would have to have a garage. I’d love to live in a location like where we live now but I’d love for the downtown to have more to offer then a dry cleaners and a Curves. I have come to the point where I would even like to have cows (my husband comes for a farming family) and a lot of land where Teagan (and Miles David!!) could run around chasing the cows and the dog (Addie Bear doesn’t count as a dog…lol) and ride on the tractor and lay in the fields looking up at the clouds and the stars and yelling out what shapes they see. Josh has mentioned this a few times in our marriage and I just looked at him like he was crazy…these days it sounds like Heaven.
So, here is to thinking about a simpler life and enjoying and loving those closest to me who love me in spite of who I am and maybe love me even more because of who I’m becoming.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bye Bye

Can I just say something that I have said a million times before? Can we PLEASE just stop time or at least slow it down for a little while?
We are teaching Teagan to wave "bye bye" and she is doing it really well unless you want her to, lol. She hadn't gotten the concept that when you wave (in this case) you wave bye bye. Apparently the concept became clear to her today because when I was telling her "Bye Bye Teagan" as I was going out the door she waved bye bye to me. It was the sweetest little wave but she did it and she smiled as she did it.
Needless to say this evening I will be snuggling her extra tight because today was one day less I have her as "Baby Teagan".

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And the best husband award goes to....Mine!

The last few days have been pretty rough. Teagan hasn't felt well and hasn't slept well and that means I haven't had a lot of rest. My immune system has been sucked dry and so I've got a bad headache and it feels like there is a train running through my sinus cavities. My husband decided to treat me to a sweet surprise...

Yeah...serious brownie points earned!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long nights, growth spurts & teeth

Dearest Teagan,
Well my baby love, this weekend was kind of rough, for the both of us. Bless your poor heart because your body decided it would have a growth spurt, you would start the teething process and you would have a cold all in the same weekend. The worst night was Sunday night. You went down like normal but then you got up an hour later and from then on neither of us slept much. You were up every 15-20 minutes for about 3 hours and then every hour until we all finally got up for good. Your daddy was worried and stayed up with us some but he felt just as helpless as I did. It broke my heart to see you in such a state where it took even your mommy longer then normal to calm you. This was one of those times where I really didn't know what was going on or what to do. All I knew was to hold you and comfort you the best I could through the night. I didn't want to give you tylenol because you didn't have a fever and didn't have any of the typical teething symptoms so I just held on tight and rocked you. There were moments through the night where I was exhausted but strangely alert. More alert then I've probably ever been. While I was rocking you and had you asleep in my arms I had one of those "oh, crap, am I spoiling her" moments. Then after staring into your sweet and finally peaceful face I decided no, I wasn't spoiling you, I was loving you like a mommy should. It is times like this weekend that makes me stronger as a mother but also reminds me that I couldn't do it alone. The Lord blessed me with you and the instincts and heart to be the best mommy I can be to you little girl. I vow to always hold you when you are hurting regardless of what other people might say. You are my little girl and I love you. Unconditionally. Always.

Love Forever and Always,

*sidenote- Teagan has officially started trying to push a tooth through, she gained 1.1lb in one week and luckily her cold has peaked and we're on the downward slope*

Yummy dinner!

We've made it our mission since Teagan has been born to eat better and eat at home more often to be healthier and to save money.
Last night I tackled Chicken and Pasta Primavera...absolutely no complaints from the hubby!

Splish Splash! Bathtime outside!

It has been so hot and muggy these last few weeks that I haven't really wanted to take Teagan outside even though she loves being outdoors (another reason I can't wait until fall). It would be different if I didn't have to go in to work until later in the morning or if I didn't have to work at all; then we could go on walks in the morning but that isn't a possibility right now. It wasn't too awful hot the other day and so I decided to give Teagan a bath on our back deck (sadly, we don't have much of a front porch). She had a blast!! I've never been one to restrict her splashing in the bathtub inside so boy did she go all out when she was outside!! She even tried to cool me off with her washcloth.


Fumie, whose Etsy store you can go to here, is a dear friend of mine who I met at Appalachian! We were both in the BSW program and we became instant friends. We just clicked! She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! After we graduated she got married and moved back to Japan. We were able to go visit her and her family while they were over there. We can't wait to take Teagan there and experience Japan and meet Fumie's family!! ! We had an amazing time! Anyway, we were able to see her last week and introduce her to Teagan! We went to eat and then walked around outisde and sat in front of a fountain that lit up to music! Teagan instantly took to Fumie and just relaxed on her lap and watched the water. We've got our fingers crossed that when Justin finishes school that they will move closer and we can visit with them so much more!!