Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Built NY Comfy Bibs Giveaway!

So, as of right now we are still in the transitioning of disposable diapers to biodegradable diapers (more later) to cloth diapers for Teagan. Huggies is the only brand of disposable diapers that I will use and so I collect "points" from all things Huggies brand for their ENJOY THE RIDE rewards program. I had enough points to redeem them for a bib by a brand I was unfamiliar with so I clicked redeem points...I accidently clicked it twice. So, they sent me two. After trying it out I couldn't keep the second one for myself. I decided to do my very first "giveaway" and give the second one away. Now, the only issue is that it is pink! \

The prize: Built NY Comfy Bib (you can't buy the bib from the website but you can find it on Amazon).

The entry: Comment me your favorite teething remedy and share my blog link with just one person and let me know you did it (honor system here guys & gals). Your entry has to be completed by Friday August 12th at midnight. I will be "drawing" a random winner and will contact the winner via the blog and via e-mail.

Just for fun: here is Teagan modeling "our copy" of the prize